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Adam Bannister 06 August 2021 at 15:48 UTC
Updated: 06 August 2021 at 17:17 UTC

‘Possibly the most severe vulnerability in the history of Microsoft Exchange’

'A whole new attack surface' - Researcher Orange Tsai documents ProxyLogon exploits against Microsoft Exchange Server

Hacking maestro Orange Tsai has disclosed much-anticipated technical details related to his Microsoft Exchange exploits at Black Hat USA 2021.

A pre-authenticated remote code execution (RCE) flaw that Tsai unearthed in January “might be the most severe vulnerability in the history of Microsoft Exchange,” the security researcher told attendees in a remote address.

Patched in March, the flaw was among a quartet of zero-day flaws whose exploitation saw hundreds of thousands of enterprise messaging servers hacked worldwide.

After digging deeper into the bug, Tsai realized that “ProxyLogon is not just a single bug, but a ‘whole new attack surface’ to help researchers uncover new vulnerabilities”.

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Tsai, principal security researcher at Devcore, discovered eight vulnerabilities from this virgin terrain, comprising server-side, client-side and cryptographic bugs. Their potency was amplified when he corralled them into pre-auth RCE chains known as ProxyLogon and ProxyShell , along with ProxyOracle , a plaintext password recovery combo.

Successful exploitation could result in an attacker viewing plaintext passwords and executing arbitrary code on Microsoft Exchange Server instances via port 443.

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Tsai attributes the discovery out of such devastating exploits that, rather than probing for explicit flaws, such as logic insects or code injections, that she analyzed the target application out of your high-level architectural perspective.

“We hope in this brings a new paradigm for you to vulnerability research and motivates more security researchers to get a into Exchange Server, ” he said.

Prime target

Microsoft Exchange Server is a long-time target of nation-state hackers because corporate mail staff store the confidential secrets including blue chip organizations then government agencies and Microsoft Exchange dominates the market.

Despite their criticality, Tsai said he discovered that 400, 000 Exchange servers have been completely internet-facing and therefore vulnerable to confrontation.

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His research aimed at a major change implemented inside of 2013 on Client Gain access to services (CAS), whereby Exchange’s fundamental protocol handler got divided into frontend and backend components.

Doing this fundamental architectural change got a considerable level of design balance due and introduced inconsistencies the middle contexts, said Tsai.


In order to guard against panic attack, Tsai advised Microsoft Exchange human beings to keep their systems informed and ensure they are not internet-facing.

Enhancements to the VICISSITUDE frontend implemented by ‘microsoft’ in April 2021, later on added, mitigated the authentication part of attack surface so nullified pre-auth attacks.

Because “modern trouble require modern solutions”, Tsai advised infosec professionals in the concluding remarks to “try to comprehend architectures from [a] higher point in time of view”.

And despite the patches while mitigations introduced by Roshan, CAS remains an attack region with rich promise ~ albeit without pre-auth défauts the results will be less all-powerful than those achieved with ProxyLogon.

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Microsoft Exchange remains “a underground treasure with more bugs” resorting to lies in wait, Tsai places importance.

However , the man warned: “Even if you stumbled on a super critical bug simply adore ProxyLogon, [Microsoft] will not reward you almost any bounty because Exchange computer on-prem is out of scope. ”

The research supplies undoubtedly further burnished Tsai’s already stellar reputation. Some sort of researcher recently triumphed in 2021 Pwnie Awards for optimum server-side bug, topped PortSwigger’s Top Web Hacking Pointers list in 2017 and as a consequence 2018 , and became Learn about of Pwn 2021 at this year’s Pwn2Own.

In a accompanying development back in April, i would say the FBI granted government authorities your being able to remove huge web shells implanted in Microsoft Exchange installations through the pair of different zero a few days, credited to the National Safeguarding Agency, that had after all been patched.

The unusual court factor was necessary since elimination web shells constituted blocking with a third-party computer and might therefore have otherwise just lately been deemed unlawful.

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Source of this news: https://portswigger.net/daily-swig/a-whole-new-attack-surface-researcher-orange-tsai-documents-proxylogon-exploits-against-microsoft-exchange-server

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