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Amazon Prime Blocking Vpn

what to do when Amazon Prime is giving an HTTP Proxy Error? Check out solutions here

Are you still unable to access American Amazon Prime from Australia even after changing your IP address using a VPN? That is because of DNS leaks or your VPN has been detected.

Many streaming services have advanced their security systems that can sometimes detect if you are accessing their platform behind a VPN server. Unfortunately, not all VPNs can work without being detected.

The best VPN to watch Amazon Prime from Australia is ExpressVPN.

However, often you may face HTTP Proxy Error that will block you from watching a video or TV show while using a VPN.

You can also encounter HTTP Proxy Error without using any VPN, proxy server, or unblocker due to numerous reasons and we are here to list those problems and provide solutions to troubleshoot your issues.

What to do when Amazon Prime is giving HTTP Proxy Error 

We are here to provide you with numerous solutions to fix your HTTP Proxy Error. So let’s start with our easy and very quick solutions.

• Change Your Vpn

If you are facing HTTP Proxy Error using your current VPN then it’s time to switch to a better VPN service. That can provide the best service in terms of speed, security, and connectivity, and can bypass geo-restrictions without being detected.

Our recommendation for you is to use ExpressVPN. It will hide your IP address and protect your Wifi if used in a public area.

Choosing a reliable VPN is important when you want to dodge HTTP Proxy Errors so do a proper search before getting a premium VPN service.

• Change Your Vpn Server. 

Most Premium VPNs provide more than one server location. So you can change your server location. For example, you can switch from the London to the Manchester server to bypass the HTTP Proxy issue and continue binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

• Update Your Vpn Application

Another solution to remove HTTP Proxy Error is to update your VPN application. VPN providers often update their apps with new changes and mostly these updations are made automatically but sometimes your device fails to update.

To update your app go to AppStore on IOS and PlayStore on your Andriod device. Search for your VPN app and make updates if available.

• Clear Your Cache History

Clear your Browser Cache is important to speed up your device performance. It can cause an issue with HTTP Proxy.

 To clear your cache in Chrome

  • Press control + H from your keyboard to open History.
  • Click on “Clear browsing data”
  • Checkmark “Cache images and files”.
  • Press “Clear data”

• Change Vpn Protocol

Use TCP in place of UDP for better performance with VPN connectivity. Your device gets connected to the UDP protocol on default mode which is blocked in a few countries like the Middle East.

Use the following steps to change protocols.

  • Pick OpenVPN TCP first for the best performance.
  • The L2TP protocol comes next, followed by the PPTP protocol. When PPTP is required, use it because it provides the bare minimum of security.
  • Disconnect your VPN.
  • Now go to VPN settings.
  • Select the protocol.
  • Click OK.

• Update System Date And Time

If you are facing an HTTP Proxy error then check the date and time in your system and make sure it is updated correctly. If wrong information is added then perform the following steps to update them.

  • Click on the Date and Time display on the bottom right of your taskbar.
  • Select “Adjust Date and Time”
  • Select “Date and Time”.
  • Switch off automatic set time to avoid this issue in the future.
  • Now select “Change”.
  • Set your current time.
  • Click OK.

• No Host Or No Ip Found

If you encounter a mistake, If the requested name is correct but the IP address is missing or the host is unavailable, make sure you’re connected to your internet service

Refer to your DSL directions before joining your VPN if you need to manually activate your DSL connection before going online. Your VPN connection is not a substitute for your Internet service.

If you’re still having HTTP Proxy problems while accessing Amazon Prime videos from Australia after trying several times, your ISP may be limiting access to the VPN’s DNS servers, in which case you’ll need to manually specify DNS servers as stated below.

  • Click on the “START” button on the left bottom of your screen.
  • Click “Run”.
  • Type “ncpa.cpl”.
  • Go to Network Connection settings.
  • Find your default connection. It’s either a Wireless network connection or LAN.
  • Now select “Properties”.

Set your DNS server addresses

  • Double click on “Internet Protocol”.
  • Click “Use the following DNS server addresses”
  • Enter these DNS server addresses: Alternate DNS server And Preferred DNS server
  • If these DNS server addresses are Blocked, try this.
  • Level3 DNS ( and or Neustar DNS Advantage ( and
  • Flush your previous DNS entries after configuring your VPN DNS server.


You can face HTTP Proxy Error while using a VPN to watch American Amazon Prime in Australia. We have listed all the possible issues that can occur and block your Amazon Prime Videos.

Try out all of these provided solutions and settle your HTTP Proxy issue.

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