AT&T top IT vendor for US Department of Justice – Verdict

AT&T was the top IT vendor for the US Department of Justice, securing two contracts worth $996m, according to GlobalData’s Contracts database.

Out of total 110 vendors, Booz Allen Hamilton Holding stood in the second position with three IT contracts worth $595m, followed by CGI Group with two contracts valued at $426.04m, Unisys with five contracts worth $276.50m, CACI International with seven contracts worth $190.70m.

The services offered by the top five vendors of US Department of Justice, as tracked by GlobalData, include:

  • Application development (by Sevatec)
  • Application integration (by CGI Group and Sevatec)
  • Application maintenance & support (by BAE Systems, CGI Group and Sevatec)
  • Application management (by CGI Group)
  • Application testing (by Sevatec)
  • BPO (by Booz Allen Hamilton Holding and CGI Group)
  • Communication services (by AT&T)
  • Data centre services (by BAE Systems)
  • Deployment and support services (by CGI Group)
  • Desktop support & management services (by CGI Group)
  • Infrastructure management (by AT&T and BAE Systems)
  • IT consulting (by Booz Allen Hamilton Holding)
  • IT security services (by AT&T)
  • IT service desk (by BAE Systems)
  • Network management (by AT&T and CGI Group)
  • Network services (by AT&T)
  • Server management (by AT&T and CGI Group)
  • Storage services (by AT&T)
  • Systems integration (by CGI Group and Sevatec)
  • Vertical-specific BPO (by Booz Allen Hamilton Holding and CGI Group)

Top three vendors by volume

In terms of the number of IT contracts secured from the US Department of Justice, CACI International topped the table with seven contracts, followed by Inquisit with six contracts, PROXY PERSONNEL with six contracts.

Top contracts by the type of IT service

Application outsourcing Solutions accounted for 53.64%, of the overall contracts for the US Department of Justice, followed by infrastructure outsourcing (26.36%), BPO (11.82%), systems integration (4.55%), consulting (3.64%).
In terms of types of contracts, 91.89% of IT contracts accounted for the new business category and 4.50% accounted for Infrastructure outsourcing. Add-on contracts accounted for 1.80% of the total contracts as of July 2021.

As of July 2021, 74% of all the IT contracts were of the fixed price type and 23% were of IDIQ type. In terms of the geographic scope of the contracts, 100% were based in the US.

Top contracts expected to end in the next 12 months

The top defense industry contracts of the US Department of Justice expected to end in the next twelve months are:

  • The five-year, idiq contract worth $116m with CSRA is expected to end on 12 October 2021. The annual value of the contract stands at $23m.
  • NTT DATA’s five-year, fixed price contract worth $34m is slated to expire on 16 March 2017. The annual value of the contract stands at $7m.

Top contracts announced in the last 12 months

The top defense industry contracts announced by US Department of Justice in the last twelve months include:

  • The seven-year, idiq contract worth $400m with CGI Group was announced on 07 October 2020. The annual value of the contract stands at $800m.

Top contracts by value

The top defense industry contracts, in terms of value, issued and currently under execution by US Department of Justice as of July 2021 include:

  • AT&T’s 15-year contract worth $984m. The fixed price contract has started on 29 July 2019 and is expected to be closed by 26 July 2034. The annual value of the contract stands at $66m.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton Holding’s five-year contract worth $500m. Announced on 28 September 2011, the idiq contract is due to expire on 27 September 2016. The annual value of the contract stands at $100m.


Globaldata’s IT Contracts Database is a comprehensive collection of all publicly disclosed IT services, software, and telecom contracts. Its scope of coverage lies in the areas of outsourcing mainly being application, infrastructure, and business processes, also including systems integration & consulting. The database presents reliable information, enabling IT services and software product providers in identifying prospective business opportunities. The value of the contract is calculated by its unique display of patterns relating to IT services adoption across industry segments, solution areas, industries, and geographies.


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