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Have you ever tried accessing data on the internet only to realize that it is restricted to your location? In this case, a proxy server can be valuable. Other than unblocking content online, proxy servers can offer more benefits for businesses. This article will teach what you need to know about proxies, their uses, and how you can use them in accessing geo-restricted content.

What is a proxy?

The internet provides important data that can contribute to the overall success of your business. However, if you are unable to access data from various sites, tools such as a proxy server can be very useful.  A proxy server works by hiding your device’s original IP address and serves as a gateway between the website you’re trying to access and your device. 

Without a proxy server, it can be impossible to access restricted content. A proxy server will forward web requests on your behalf and get the web server response. Your request will be validated by HTTPS, which will hide your real information and allow you to access the data.

There are two ways you can use a proxy to unblock websites.

A web proxy works by unblocking sites accessed on public computers. To get this done, you will first need to connect to a proxy server. Your original location will be masked once you are given access to unblock a restricted site.  

These web proxies are usually free but can be tasking, especially when you want to stream content online. Also, before visiting the site, you need to navigate each tab of the web proxy every time you use it.

  • Proxy extension

This works faster than a proxy server, but the idea is basically the same. A proxy extension eliminates the need to navigate each tab when using a proxy server since it sits in your browser. This means that you can access blocked content easily whenever you need it.

When it comes to using proxies, you can choose between public and private (dedicated) proxies. Many companies and individuals prefer the latter for the added security. In this case, IPs are usually provided by your local Internet Service Providers. The main difference between the two is that public proxies are free while you have to pay to gain access to dedicated proxies.

screenshot 2021 05 03 at 12.21.40 ProxyEgg Continue reading "What Are the Main Use Cases of Proxies?" - jim o brien

screenshot 2021 05 03 at 12.21.40 ProxyEgg Continue reading "What Are the Main Use Cases of Proxies?" - jim o brien

Main use cases of proxies

Wondering why you need to use proxies for your business? Here’s a look at the top six use cases of proxies:

  1. Brand protection

Proxies provide an added layer of protection against data breach. Using proxies will allow you to gain control over brand reputation risks and manage your brand perception. If a hacker is trying to breach your data, the proxy servers will act as a buffer and your server will be less vulnerable to attack.

By using proxies, you will be able to check potential abuse of your brand. You will protect your company’s public image and have low chances of monetary loss or data breach.

  1. Market research

For your business to do well in a competitive landscape, it is important to acquire relevant market information including about your competitors. However, most websites have measures in place to restrict web scraping and this is where proxies come in handy.

Many businesses find it easier and faster to gather customer information and conduct data harvesting online through automated solutions they access through proxies. Proxies will allow you to collect real data about your target audience by accessing online forums and communities. The result will help you in forming wise business decisions.

  1. Access geo-restricted content

Do you need to access content from a website that has country restrictions? Different types of online content are hidden in geo-restrictions to prevent authorised users from accessing it.

Fortunately, you can use a proxy server to bypass these websites to get access to the geo-blocked content regardless of your geo-location. This is because the proxy server will hide your IP address. For instance, a Hong Kong proxy can prove useful when you are trying to gain access to restricted Hong Kong content. Visit this website for more information about a Hong Kong proxy or other types of proxies. 

  1. Ad verification

This is another way of protecting your brand through the use of proxies by improving ad performance and detecting ad fraud. Proxies will help you identify fraudulent marketing activities, such as fake traffic. It can also detect when your competitors place ads on sites that may harm your reputation.

Also, proxies have tools that gather data online to help you process measures in allocating ad budgets. These tools will perform an analysis of the ads you’ve done in the past. You can then use the results to tweak or retain positive points for the ads you’d run in the future.

  1. Pricing intelligence

There are proxies you can use to gather reliable pricing data in real-time. This will allow you to track your competitors to change your pricing based on the trend.


By learning how to use proxies to your advantage, you will explore various marketing solutions that will boost your business’ growth and success. You only have to find the right provider suitable for your business requirements. 

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