Frequent API RoundUp: Amazon Giving away Partner, Datachip COVID-19 Shot Status, Findl – ProgrammableWeb

findl api ProxyEgg Frequent API RoundUp: Amazon Giving away Partner, Datachip COVID-19 Shot Status, Findl - ProgrammableWeb

Day-after-day, the ProgrammableWeb team typically is busy, updating its 3 or more primary directories for APIs , happy clientele (language-specific the library or SDKs for using or providing APIs), and furthermore energy source code samples . When you have had new APIs, clients, maybe Source Code examples to add to ProgrammableWeb’s internet sites, we offer forms ( APIs , Clients , Foundation Code ) to gain submitting them to our API research folks. If there’s a listing in 1 of our directories that you want to claim as the owner, need to contact us at [email protected] com .

Eight APIs are already added to the ProgrammableWeb site in categories including Open Banking, eCommerce, and COVID-19. Highlights include the Amazon Marketing and advertising Partner API and as well as , API from Datachip that shares a person’s COVID-19 vaccination stage. Here’s a rundown of the useful additions.


Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) Track your API provides all the legacy useful functionality offered to developers via Will probably be Market Web Services thanks to improvements including REST-based hard drive and JSON outputs. The API brings methods to build applications for working with your own Amazon seller story, build applications for traders to authorize and make usage of to help manage their Colossus business, and to publish computer programs to the Amazon Marketplace App store. The API is in the eCommerce category.

Findl API Road this API returns financial critical information including fundamentals for 15.6, 000 US companies, selling price data for more than 20, 1000 US companies and finances, and investors data everything from more than 200, 000 insiders. This API is listed from your Money category.

Datachip offers a CDC-compliant Temperature Monitoring Platform and other solutions for reliable work and education posts. The company also offers a Shot Status For USA API Track web page API and Vaccine Status To have India API Track this API in which programmers can retrieve the vaccination status of any person produced by supported countries with their come to an agreement (more countries are being offered as they are available). Developers could connect with several countries at a single API, with the goal of safer airline and upset border travel. Find this excellent API in the COVID-19 category.

Arcoro BirdDog HR provides a suite ture of modular HR solutions, incorporate tools to hire candidates, keep on top of enrollment, payroll & added advantages, track employee performance etc. The BirdDog HR API Track about that API offers methods to integrate with the service, including management as for employee documents, talent making use of LMS, performance & series models, job candidates, workforce, and jobs. This API is listed under Human Resources .

Datashake ‘s Web Scraper API Track which API lets users scrape the url with proxies, CAPTCHA solving, Headless browsers and others to avoid being blocked. Information technology allows customization for fingerprints, stored sessions and 40+ geolocations, and users 30 million IPs in IP rotation to prevent blocks. Designers can register for API and additionally Documentation open. The API is listed within your Hard drive Mining type.

Waifus are anime-themed personal assistants. The Waifu AI API Track this API enables administrators to add a Waifu chitchat bot to their applications. The particular API produces English terminology responses. This API shows up in the Chat category.

CONTUS MirrorFly Vid Call API Track this API enables designers to add secure, peer to peer video calling functions to jobs. Features include picture-in-picture almost everywhere in devices, custom capture and as well render for split displays, secure file sharing, and more. Creative designers need to contact the professional API and documentation get into. The API is listed through the WebRTC category.

Denarii API Track this API offers an easier way for financial technology corporations, MTOs, and Banks across integrate multiple APIs out of global settlement networks. API methods are available to manage precise records, balances, corridors, senders, beneficiaries, transactions and more. The Denarii API is listed in the Open Checking category.

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