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The internet is vast, and it connects millions of devices. Regardless of who you are and what you do, using a private proxy is beneficial. In recent years, private proxies have grown in popularity, as these allow internet users to do different actions, which would otherwise be impossible. When using a private proxy, you bypass some web pages restrictions, such as geo-blocked websites and censorship bans. But there are lots of proxy providers out there, so it’s going to be difficult to determine which one is good for you. In this guide, you will find information about what proxies are and how to use them. 

What are private proxies?

Private proxies are exclusively used by users who are trying to hide their IP address and make it undetectable for websites on the internet. Private proxies mask your real IP address, by providing you another one to perform certain tasks on websites. Otherwise, your access to those websites would be restricted. 

Whenever you connect to the internet, your IP address allows other websites to track your browsing data. The only way to remain anonymous online is to hide your IP, and this is where proxies come in help. There are many different proxies available:

  • Residential proxies
  • Shared proxies
  • Datacenter proxies
  • Private proxies

Why choose residential IP? Because:

  • Never get blocked
  • No contracts required
  • Use it in multiple locations

Residential IP proxy features:

  • Instant IP change
  • Auto-rotate
  • No limits and restrictions
  • Accessibility

Buy your residential proxy now, and get IP address rotation, API access, and also, you can cancel anytime. 

How do private proxies work?

To make sure that you use a reliable private proxy, pick one that requires authentication. Before picking the provider, make sure to browse the internet and identify the one provider who offers authentication systems as part of their service. How to authenticate? 

  • Set a username and password – it’s the most common technique that tech providers use. It’s also an accessible one, as all you need are your login details.
  • IP authentication – when buying a private proxy, the provider will assign you an IP address. The IP address must be used to authenticate and access the structures of the proxy. 

Residential proxies are highly efficient because they can be used on mobile and desktop devices, which are used as intermediaries for your connections. Just like any other proxy, these ones your internet traffic through an in-between server. If you want to track your proxy usage, you can subscribe to the specific website, and see your usage figures. 

Private proxies for personal or business needs

Private proxies offer users the highest level of anonymity, and that’s why they’re used for business and personal purposes. For personal reasons, you can use a proxy more easily. It means that setting up your Chrome browser to use a proxy server will be relatively easy. This will route all traffic through a specific endpoint. Business on the other hand is more complex. 

For example, companies use private proxies to check advertisers’ landing pages secretly. Or, we could use as an example those businesses that are entirely dependent on proxies. Proxy servers work as a gateway, receiving data sent from our devices. The proxy routes the information to the receiver website, guaranteeing that enquired websites will only see the proxy server’s IP address. The data sent back will also go back through the proxy server, which directs it back to your device, ensuring your anonymity on the internet. 

The vast majority of internet users know that cybersecurity is a crucial factor to the safety of the online user. They understand that online privacy is essential, and they do have the ability to protect them from online threats. Therefore, over 25% of global online traffic uses proxy servers to improve online activity anonymity. Proxy server use is on the rise, and it’s time for companies to take a look at dedicated proxies. 

The advantages of using a private proxy

The first and main advantage of using a proxy server is because your IP address is hidden. Since proxy servers change your IP address by providing you with another one, you’ll be able to bypass geo-blocked content. For instance: you want to watch your favorite TV show on Netflix, but it is banned in your country. A proxy server will bypass the restriction from any country across the world. Whenever you want to surf online anonymous or access banned websites in your area, just do yourself a favor and use a proxy server. Why choose private proxies?

  • Privacy and security – It is the main benefit of using private proxies. 
  • You will face no risk of having your personal data compromised.
  • Private proxies show up as different IP addresses, so they will provide an extra level of privacy while you browse the internet.
  • Proxy providers offer IP addresses from multiple locations. This will enable you to access content that otherwise may not be available in your country. 
  • Proxies won’t affect the speed of your internet – they’re made to be used by only one user, so chances that your internet’s speed lowers are minimum.
  • Private proxies are more consistent than shared ones, as these have unlimited bandwidth. 
  • If you choose to use a datacenter private IP proxy, the internet speed will increase, as servers usually have a desirable internet connection strategy. 

Regardless of the reason why you want to use a proxy server, you will undoubtedly benefit from it. Now, proxies are becoming popular because they allow internet users to perform a lot of tasks that are otherwise impossible. To ensure that your private proxy works, you must authenticate. Before buying a proxy server, you should research and get one that offers you the authentication system. It’s actually the best way to ensure that you are the only one who has access to the proxy server. A proxy server is best to use whenever you want to bring more security and anonymity while you’re online. 

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