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Cloud storages become a leading solution for some individual and organization users due to enhanced data accessibility and safety. That is, many users choose to save their important data to a cloud storage device.

Because of the good set of options and security, Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage devices. You can upload and store files from any folder on your SD cards, cameras, and computers in the cloud. By using Google Drive with the same account, you are able to find your data on any phone, tablet or PC.

Have a question why is Google Drive not syncing? There may be several reasons behind this issue, including antivirus software, administrative rights, incorrect installation, internet connection, etc. You can solve the problem by following the method below.

Why is Google Drive not syncing in Windows 10?

Google Drive has long been known to have problems with Windows 10. These issues are not always in Google Drive. Other applications may also be the culprit. Here’s why Google Drive not syncing from your computer:

Anti-virus software: Anti-virus software is intended to protect your computer from malicious programs, but it can mark some legitimate programs (such as Google Drive) as false positives.

Administrative rights: Google Drive needs admin rights to work properly and sync all devices. If you don’t provide them, it may not work as expected.

New version: In rare cases, the problem is because the new version of Google Drive does not work on your computer. Here you can install the older version and see if this is a trick.

Incorrect installation: If the Google Drive application is not installed properly, you cannot use the feature. Re-installing may fix this.

Internet connection: If you are using a proxy server or the public internet (e.g. work or hospital), Google Drive will not sync properly as there are many ports and applications restricted on these networks.

Before starting the solution for Google Drive Not Syncing, log in as an administrator and make sure you are connected to the public internet. Make sure it doesn’t contain any proxies and is freely accessible.

Fixes to Resolve Google Drive Not Syncing Issue

Google Drive backup and sync re-installation

If the version of this program you have installed is out of date or corrupted, Google Drive will not sync files or folders. Please reinstall to resolve this issue.

Step 1: In Windows 10, go to Settings> Apps to enter the Apps & Features interface.

Step 2: Scroll down the list of apps, click on Backup & Sync from Google, then select Uninstall.

Step 3: Download the app again.

Step 4: Open the .exe file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. You can then start syncing files or folders.

Restart backup and sync

Also, some users are advised to quit and restart this app to fix an issue with Google Drive not syncing on Windows 10. How do I restart Google Drive sync? You can ask.

Similarly, click on the icon for this program in the system tray, click on the 3 dots to expand the menu, then select End backup and sync.

Then go to the start menu and then launch this app from the list. Or you can start by searching for this program in the search box. Then it will show up again in the system tray. Synchronizing can help you see if the issue is resolved.

Pause and Restart the Sync Process

If Google Drive backup and sync isn’t working, you can fix this by pausing and restarting this app. This method is recommended for many users.

Go to the system tray and click on this app’s icon. Click the 3-dot menu and choose Pause. Then click the Resume option to see if the file syncs as expected.

Check sync folder settings

If you use backup and sync, you need to select individual folders to sync with your PC. If you’re having issues with Google Drive folders not syncing, it’s possible that the user didn’t select the folder. Check now.

Step 1: Click on this app’s icon in the system tray and select Preferences from the 3-dot menu.

Step 2: On the Google Drive tab, select Sync everything on my drive.

Run Backup and Sync as Administrator

When encountering the issue of Google Drive not syncing in Windows 10, you should take the administrative rights of the user account into account.

You can create multiple accounts that have different levels of rights and access. Suppose that you don’t have admin rights, Sync could fail to work. To troubleshoot it, you can try running the program with admin privilege.

Just type Backup and Sync from Google in the search box of Windows 10 and right-click on this app to choose Run as administrator. After launching it, you can check if it can help you successfully sync folders to your computer.

In addition to syncing files to cloud storage via Google Drive, you can also sync files to local locations, shared folders, etc. using some professional file sync you would be able to resolve Google Drive not syncing issue.

Google Drive Not Syncing on Mac

Pause & Restart The Sync

Your file is ending syncing with the Backup and Sync software, the first thing to do is pause and restart the unified process. This will strengthen your connection and help you resolve any issues you may be experiencing by syncing your file.

You will see the select the three-point, click on them to Pause. This will relax your unified process.

Click the app icon, select Three Dots, and select Resume to continue the sync process.

Quit The App & Reopen It

Sometimes the app means some minor respectable backyards and can be resolved by simply closing the app and care resuming it. This is the most basic method you can try and it often works.

Finish backup and sync, click the app icon at the top and click the three dots to select

Tap on Launchpad search for Backup and Sync, Now open.

Turn Off The Firewall

Firewall settings determine the connection of what requests Mac can send and receive. Because Google Drive synchronization uses a network connection to send files, you need to make sure your firewall is not compromised.

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