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History of Share Cash

Found on incorporation, the issued as well as , allotted share capital appeared to be to £1 divided into 1 peculiar share of £1. Concerned with December  20, 2017:

the initial share principal was subdivided into 0, 000 ordinary shares with regards to £0. 001 each;

our aktionär authorized us to award and issue ordinary gives with an aggregate nominal value of £252, 735; and

further popular shares with an aggregate tiny value of £89, 999 (being 89, 999, 000 plain old shares) were issued, mainly paid, to certain users at a price per advertise of £0. 001.

On January  2, 2018, we allotted and issued ordinary enjoys with an aggregate nominal associated with £10, 000 to without a doubt subscribers at a price in a single share of £0. 01.

On February  2, 2018, we allotted and issued ordinary stock shares with an aggregate nominal associated with £31, 250 (being 31st, 250, 000 ordinary shares) to certain subscribers with price per share related with £0. 08, and allocated and issued ordinary voices with an aggregate nominal value of £750 (being 750, 500 ordinary shares) to woman individuals at a price of £0. 08 per share throughout satisfaction of amounts were supposed to pay by the Company to variety individuals.

Upon February  8, 2018, the remainder of the balance on the shares allotted and issued by the Home business} on December  20, 2018 was paid up in total pursuant to an agreement somewhere between the Company and the subscribers.

On June  thirteen, 2018, we allotted with issued ordinary shares inside of an aggregate nominal value of £5, 500 (being 5, 200, 000 ordinary shares) pursuant to the terms of woman warrant agreements dated February  23, 2018 at a pricing per share of £0. 001.

On the June  18, 2018 their shareholders authorized us to be allot and issue traditional shares with an aggregate small value of £470, 000 (being 470, 000, 000 plain old shares), of which £289, 655. 46 (being 289, 655, 460 ordinary shares) used to be on a non-pre-emptive basis.

On August  3 . 0, 2018, we allotted along with issued ordinary shares upon an aggregate nominal value of one fifty six, 250 (being 156, 280, 000 ordinary shares) to obtain a price per share in £0. 16 and the every day shares of the Company seemed to be admitted to the standard cellule of the Official List taken care of by the Financial Conduct Expert and to trading on the Predominant Market of the London Stock market.

On June  25, 2019 our shareholders generally authorized us to help you allot and issue plain shares up to an combination nominal value of £96, 937. 50 (being 96, 937, 500 ordinary shares), that up to £29, 375 (being 29, 375, 000 abnormal shares) was on a non-pre-emptive basis. In addition , our investors specifically authorized us to allow them to allot and issue standard shares up to an put together nominal amount £44, 062. 50 (being 44, 062, 500 ordinary shares) in connection with a share exchange confederacy with Hive Blockchain Technological know-how Ltd, which authorities solitary expired on December  26, 2020.

Forward June  25, 2020 our personal shareholders generally authorized you to allot and issues ordinary shares up to the good aggregate nominal value of £96, 937. 50 (being 96, 937, 500 ordinary shares), of which up to £29, 375 (being 29, 375, 000 ordinary shares) was upon a non-pre-emptive basis. At the same time, every shareholders approved, subject to backing of the court, the special deal of the Company’s share account premium (in the amount of £25, 252, 288) and the potential stock market purchase of the Company’s common shares up to a maximum of twenty nine, 375, 000.

On January  7, 2021, pursuant to exercise together with certain options and assurance, we allotted and produced ordinary shares with an comprise nominal value of £5, six-hundred (being 5, 600, 000 ordinary shares) at a affordability per share of £0. 08, and ordinary gives up with an aggregate nominal associated with £9, 690. 997 (being 9, 690, 997 traditional shares) at a price concerning share of £0. fourth there’s 16.

On January  11, 2021, pursuant to positively exercise of certain features and warrants, we assigned and issued ordinary gives with an aggregate nominal associated with £2, 305. 333 (being 2, 305, 333 plain old shares) at a price in every share of £0. 08, and ordinary shares through having an aggregate nominal value of £6, 304. 195 (being six, 304, 195 ordinary shares) at a price per tell of £0. 16.

On January  13-14, 2021, pursuant to work outs of certain options and so warrants, we allotted but also issued ordinary shares carrying aggregate nominal value of £539. 667 (being 539, 667 ordinary shares) at a charges per share of

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