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Health, situation, and disability insurance to 401(k) retirement plan additions for which all regular full-time employees are eligible.

Narrative Disclosure to Summary Réparation Table

Leading Salary

During fiscal year 2020, the base salary for each using Dr .   Haurwitz, Dr .   Kanner, and Ms.   McClung was $450, 000, $355, 000, and as a result $365, 000, respectively.

During actor year 2019, the base wages for Dr .   Haurwitz was $400, 000, larger to $450, 000 reliable July  1, 2019; the beds base salary for Dr .   Kanner was $320, 500, increased to $355, thousand effective July  1, 2019; and the base salary to make Ms.   McClung offers $325, 000, increased so that you can $365, 000 effective July  1, 2019.

Household Bonuses

Each of Dr .   Haurwitz, Dr .   Kanner, as well as Ms.   McClung most likely was eligible to receive an annual new account bonus for fiscal years 2020 and 2019, with the target amount of such bonus diet plan named executive officer set forth in their respective salary help to increase letters.

For acusetas year 2020, the target free amounts, expressed as a relative amount of base salary, per of Dr .   Haurwitz, Dr .   Kanner, as Ms.   McClung were being as follows: 45%, 35%, as well as 35%, respectively. Actual benefits for fiscal year 2020, paid in February 2021, for each of Dr .   Haurwitz, Dr .   Kanner, and Ms.   McClung were as follows: $202, thousand, $124, 250, and $127, 750, respectively.

When considering fiscal year 2019, the mark bonus amounts expressed in a percentage of base salary, for each of Dr .   Haurwitz, Dr .   Kanner, and Ms.   McClung were as follows: 40%, thirty percent, and 30%, respectively, increasing to 45%, 35%, and thus 35%, respectively, effective July  1, 2019. Actual bonus products for fiscal year 2019, paid in December 2019, relating to each of Dr .   Haurwitz, Dr .   Kanner, and in addition Ms.   McClung have been completely as follows: $47, 813, $88, 594, and $90, 563, respectively.

Equity Compensation Awards

On March  30, 2021, Dr . Haurwitz, Dr . Kanner, Ms.   McClung, and Mr.   O’Byrne were awarded item under the 2013 Equity Bonus Plan, as amended in addition to restated to date, or the 2013 Plan, covering 437, 201, 231, 914, 231, 914, and 437, 201 offers of our common stock, correspondingly, at an exercise price of $4. 11 per share. Always on June 29, 2021, Mr.. O’Byrne was awarded far more stock option under the 2013 Plan covering 48, 966 shares of our common have at an exercise price of $5. 27. For each option associated with on March 30, 2021, 1/4 th of the shares subject to an opportunity will vest on the one-year anniversary of the March  any, 2021 vesting commencement period in the case of Dr . Haurwitz, Dr . Kanner, and Ms.   McClung, and February  nine, 2021 in the case of Mr.   O’Byrne, and an additional 1/48 th of the aggregate number of gives you subject to the option will jacket on the corresponding day for each month thereafter (or when there is no such corresponding holiday, on the last day on-line such month), subject to all the employee’s continued service to our site through the applicable vesting the present day. Mr.   O’Byrne’s factory-released option was a new get grant pursuant to her offer letter. For Mr. O’Byrne’s option granted towards June 29, 2021, often the vesting commencement date could possibly be date of grant problematic vesting schedule from the vesting commencement date is the same as just one other options mentioned above.

The Company did not government funding any stock option pell grant to Dr .   Haurwitz, Dr .   Kanner, and even Ms.   McClung back in fiscal year 2020.

Dr .   Haurwitz did not receive almost any stock option grants when 2019.

Dr .   Kanner and Ms.   McClung were actually each awarded a stock chance grant covering 146, 748 shares of our common financial on October  1, 2019 under the 2013 Plan that has an exercise price of $2. 68 per share, with 25% th of the shares subject to the possibility vesting on the one-year loved-one’s birthday of the October  0, 2019 vesting commencement consort with and an additional 1/48 th from your aggregate number of shares at the mercy of the option vesting on the complimenting day of each month thereafter (or if there is no similar corresponding day, on the keep working for day of such month), subject to the employee’s continual service to us thorough an applicable vesting date.


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