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Burp Proxy’s intercept feature allow you to intercept HTTP requests as well responses sent between your phone and the target server. This permits you to study how the internet sites behaves when you perform multiple actions.

The intercept supply you with lets you perform the following recommended actions:

  • Intercept a request in addition to modify it before forwarding it to the server.
  • Send interesting tickets to Burp’s other procedures, such as Repeater or Intruder, for further testing.
  • Drop a request to treat it from reaching the computer.

You can get the intercept feature for your Proxy > Intercept tab.

intercept ProxyEgg Getting to grips with Burp Proxy's intercept attribute - The Daily Swig

We recommend pursuing the tutorial below to learn how to use Burp Proxy’s intercept show.

For more detailed information, please see the full documentation .


In our tutorial, you’ll use Burp Proxy to intercept along with modify a request to how the server responds.

Step 1 : Access the lab

Open Burp’s technique, and use it to access the following WEBSITE ADDRESS:

Click Begin browsing the lab and thus log in to your PortSwigger consideration if prompted. This breaks your own instance of a by design vulnerable shopping website.

Vulnerable shopping website

2: Log in to a user zynga poker chips

Simply click My part and visit using the following credentials: wiener: peter .

Step 3: Find something to desire

Follow Home , then view the details during the Lightweight “l33t” leather jacket .

Step: Intercept the add to transport request

In Burp, go to the Proxy > Intercept tab.

Always make sure that Intercept is usually on .

Intercept button

In the browser, put in the leather jacket to your island.

In Burp, notice that the cake you produced POST /cart request has been intercepted.

Intercepting a request


Anyone could possibly initially see a different make certain on the Proxy > Intercept tab if your browser is doing something else in the background. In this case, follow on Forward until you see the POST /cart request as shown in the screenshot above.

Step 5: Vary the request

In the request body shape, change the value of the price parameter to 1 .

Modifying a request

Step 6: Pass the modified request to a server

Click On to send the type of modified request to the vpn server.

Switch interception off next time. Subsequent requests will now come into contact with Burp Proxy uninterrupted, you can browse the site as average. Any HTTP requests each browser makes will still be attracted on the Serwery proxy > HTTP history tab.

In Burp’s browser, click the basket symbol in the upper-right corner to watch your cart. Notice that each jacket has been added, nevertheless you have managed to change the final price to just one cent and are inside complete the purchase.

Pay attention to

There is no way to modify the fee via the web interface. That you were only able to make this amend thanks to Burp Proxy.

Learn more about Burp Proxy’s intercept feature

You have now realized how to intercept, review, in addition to manipulate HTTP traffic taking advantage of Burp Proxy’s intercept promote. To learn more, refer to the links below:


If you want to evaluation different inputs in the pretty request, you can send the particular request to Burp Repeater. This lets you edit additionally resend the same request as many times as you like, without having to intercept it each time. For more information, confer with Getting started with Burp Repeater .

You can also principle using Proxy intercept and also other Burp Suite features of this deliberately vulnerable “lab” web pages on our Web Security Academy .

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