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GAITHERSBURG, Doctor., April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GL Mailings Inc., a global leader around telecom test and measurement answer, addressed the press considering their enhanced MAPS™ Session Avertissement Protocol (SIP) Emulator that helps men and women to generate and receive GLASS Signaling with traffic.

GL’s MAPS™ SIP emulator is usually enhanced with the following:

  • Python Application Programming Maximum (APIs) now supports:
    • T. 38 faxnachricht emulation and fax form negotiation
    • RTP impairment insertion during run-time
  • Options to insert proprietary SIP headers in run a little time
  • Automated one of the SUBSCRIBE transaction upon cost-effective User Agent registration
  • RTP Statistics firewood includes call detail keep track of information for each call

GL’s Message Automating & Protocol Simulation ( MAPS™ ) is a versatile software program who will emulate a wide variety of telecommunications methodologies. MAPS™ for SIP could emulate User Agents (User Agent Client- UAC, Subscriber Agent Server-UAS), Proxy, Direct, Registrar and Registrant machines. It can emulate any lisière in the VoIP network. I know it can place and answer reffers to as just like an actual VoIP about what. All call parameters would be customizable including calling “”, called number, duration, mp3 payload and more.

“MAPS™ GLASS can also be used in conjunction with MAPS™ RTP HD hardware appliance to get tens of thousands of simultaneous calls utilizing specialized Network Interface Cards”, said Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications.

It further added, “GL’s MAPS™ SIP test tool/traffic dynamo can emulate any bout in a SIP network (standard SIP, SIP – Authored (ISUP), GLASS IMS , and SIP MSRP ), and perform SIP Protocol Conformance Testing (of SIP protocol implementations). DRINK is also used in ED-137, unquestionably the next generation Broadcast Traffic Control system ”.

Key Is equipped with

  • Generates in addition to processes SIP valid as invalid messages
  • Supports IPv4 /IPv6 additionally transport over UDP as well TCP, and TLS when considering secure transport
  • Supports joining a conference call, unattended call transfer, i went to call transfer, call have, auto call rejection, as soon as possible media, and silence packets generation
  • Power to implement IP Spoofing to buy a network like Class M, Class B, etc .
  • Supports in besprechung and out of dialog business for SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY, POTENTIALS, REFER, and INFO DRINK methods
  • Colonne generation of custom SIP messages and call scenarios
  • Supports transmission on top of that detection of various RTP traffic such as digits, voice doc, single tone, dual ring tones, IVR, FAX, and Clip in IP networks
  • Supports almost all industry-standard codec types – Gary the gadget guy. 711 (mu-Law and A-Law), G. 722, G. 729, G. 726, GSM, AMR, AMR -WB, EVRC, EVS, OPUS, SMV, iLBC, SPEEX, and more. *AMR, EVRC, EVS, and OPUS variants have additional licenses
  • Supports Secure Real-time Déportation Protocol (SRTP)
  • Provides Voice Quality statistics such as MOS, Packet unwanted weight, and Jitter
  • Supports both RTP And several. 711 Pass-Through Fax additionally T. 38 emulation complete IP
  • Response Session Relay Protocol emulation (MSRP) supporting instant messaging
  • Supports Interactive Style Response (IVR) testing that experts claim recognizes and responds that voice prompts using DTMF digits or voice, that allows automated IVR traversal furthermore testing
  • Supports Short Message Service (SMS) over IP/ IP Rich Subsystem (IMS) communication, SHORT MESSAGE is encapsulated in a GLASS message and carried far more than IMS core network
  • MAPS™CLI interface in line with a client-server model helps users to control all components MAPS™ through APIs
  • Supported clients already include TCL, Python, VBScript, Coffee, and. Net

About GL Communications Incorporation.,

GL Communications regarded as a global provider of segment test and measurement solutions. GL’s solutions are used to verify the and reliability of Cell phone (5G, 4G, 3G, 2G), SONET/SDH, Ethernet/IP, TDM, and consequently PSTN networks.

Warm L8rs,
Vikram Kulkarni, PhD
Phone: 301-670-4784 x114
Email : [email protected] apresentando

Media Find: [email protected] com

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