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You heard it right – Kratos and Atreus might finally be coming to PC if this new God of War leak is correct.

2018’s God of War was one of the best games of the last console generation but, because of its exclusivity, not all gamers had the chance to play it. However, this could be about to change.

Previous rumors have suggested that Sony is working to bring the best PlayStation exclusive games to PC and now a new leak could have revealed that Kratos and Atreus will be heading to PC in the near future.

This would be huge news for PC players, as there’s no better time to play God of War. After all, the stunning God of War Ragnarok reveal trailer has just dropped.

god of war ps4god of war ps4
God of War Could Be Coming To PC Soon, Reveals Leak - Gaming INTEL 7

Is God of War Coming to Steam on PC?

Very recently, a leak revealed that an Uncharted Collection will be coming to PC this year. But it looks like Nathan Drake won’t be the only PlayStation icon coming to PC soon.

C++ developer Ighor July did some digging into the NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud gaming service. Using data mining and a proxy server, he stumbled upon some unannounced games for the service.

In addition to that, there are also some games that aren’t even on PC yet. While there were other PlayStation exclusive games found in the proxy server, Returnal and Demon’s Souls, are interesting God of War was the one that stands out.

What’s more, July claims that God of War was listed as a Steam game on PC when he found it.

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God of WarGod of War
God of War Could Be Coming To PC Soon, Reveals Leak - Gaming INTEL 8

July believes that this hints that God of War could be heading to PC via Steam soon. However, it could just be NVIDIA developers running God of War using an emulator or just there for testing purposes.

PC gamers will be hoping it’s the former but, unfortunately, there is nothing else to suggest that God of War is coming to PC any time soon.

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God of WarGod of War
God of War Could Be Coming To PC Soon, Reveals Leak - Gaming INTEL 9

Meanwhile, there is plenty for PlayStation fans to look forward to. Insomniac is developing superhero PS5 exclusives Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine.

Also, PlayStation fans can check out the first Spider-Man 2 trailer. It reveals a villain that fans have been eagerly waiting to see.

Finally, check out the Horizon Forbidden West release date and pre-order details. This is the next big PlayStation exclusive game that everyone wants to play.

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