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Web crawling and web scraping are vital for the collection of public data. Many online retailers employ web scrapers to gather new data from a variety of websites. They use this data to develop business and advertising efforts.

Those who don’t know how to crawl a website without getting blocked often find themselves blacklisted when scraping data. Ending up on a blacklist is the dead last thing you want. Fortunately, following a few simple procedures will help you steer clear.

How do server admins identify web crawlers?

IP addresses, user agents, browser settings, and general behavior are used to identify web crawlers and web scraping software. CAPTCHAs are issued if the site deems it suspicious, and, finally, your requests are stopped once your crawler has been spotted.

You can avoid being stopped from crawling a website by following these simple guidelines.

Check the robot-exclusion procedure.

Before attempting to crawl or scrape any website, verify that the target enables data collection.

Inspect the robots exclusion protocol (robots.txt) file and adhere to the restrictions of the website while using robots.txt files.

Don’t do anything that might harm the site! This is especially crucial when dealing with sites that permit crawling.

  • Set a delay between requests.
  • Crawl during off-peak hours.
  • Limit requests from one IP address.
  • Adhere to the robots exclusion protocol.

Many websites permit scraping and crawling. Nonetheless, you will still end up on a blacklist if you do not follow specific procedures. Compliance with server admin guidelines is critical.

Use a proxy server.

Without proxies, web crawling would be nearly impossible. The data center and residential IP proxies can be used for different purposes, depending on the work at hand.

In order to avoid IP address bans and preserve anonymity, you should use an intermediary between your device and the target website.

As an example, a German user may need to utilize a U.S. proxy to access content from the United States if they are located in Germany.

  • Choose a proxy service that has a huge number of IPs from various countries.

Rotate IP addresses.

Rotating your IP addresses is vital when you’re utilizing a proxy pool.

The website you’re trying to access will restrict your IP address if you send in too many requests from the same one. Rotating your proxies helps you appear to be a variety of different internet users. This lowers your risk of ending up on a blacklist.

If you’re using datacenter proxies, you’ll want to employ a proxy rotator service as all Oxylabs Residential Proxies use rotating IPs. Additionally, we switch out both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies at the same time. IPv4 and IPv6 differ greatly, so make sure you are up to date on the acceptable use of proxies.

Use real-time user agents.

Crawling bots can read the HTTP request headers on the vast majority of hosting servers.

The term “user agent” refers to the header in an HTTP request that identifies the operating system and software used by the client.

Servers are able to quickly identify malicious user agents.

Real user agents contain HTTP request settings provided by organic visitors. Your user agent must appear to be an organic one to avoid ending up on a blacklist.

Every web browser request contains a user agent. This is why you need to regularly change your user agent.

Using the most recent and widely used user agents is also critical. For example, it raises a lot of red flags if you’re making requests using a five-year-old user agent from an unsupported version of Firefox.

You will find the most prevalent user agents in public databases on the internet. Get in touch with a trusted expert if you need access to our own constantly updated database.

Justify your fingerprint.

Bot detection systems are becoming increasingly complex. Some websites utilize TCP or IP fingerprinting to identify them.

TCP leaves a variety of parameters when it scrapes the web. The device or the operating system of the end-user determines these values.

Keep your parameters constant as you crawl and scrape. Doing so will help you steer clear of the dreaded blacklist.

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