Afterwards Knows the Ballon d’Or Winner. No, He Should not Tell. – The New York Times

26soccer ballondor facebookJumbo ProxyEgg Afterwards Knows the Ballon d'Or Winner. No, He Should not Tell. - The New York Times

Girl, of course , many of the names employ a very clear majority behind them. “For the men, maybe 20 as well as 22 players will be notable to everyone, ” you said. “We discuss one more eight or 10. Any meetings can be long, couple of hours, but we need everyone attending to be proud of the final part of. It is not just the list of perhaps even. And we try not to forget a single: We worked out a couple of years past that, between us, we’d watched 1, 000 video game titles or more that year. In order to be on the list at all is a gift very serious. ”

Once something approaching a new consensus has been reached, This particular language Football sends its shortlists to its jury greater than 170 vote-wielding journalists throughout the globe (as well as announcing them in public areas ) in early November.

It is at this juncture that the veil of secrecy descends. The jurors — one per nation — submit their five possibilities, in order, to what Ferré means as a “private email internet protokol. ” Pressed on fairly what form that removes, he demurred: The system is indeed secret that he declined to assist you divulge even how this particular worked, except to say that just he and his secretary get access to it. The rest of the France Soccer staff are kept at night.

“We are often careful, ” he discussed. “But the identity of an winner of the Ballon d’Or is a big secret. There is not an equal in the rest of sport, I feel. ” He sounded vaguely doubtful when it was put to him that the most immediate seite an seite was, perhaps, the results of those Oscars.

Which responsibility weighs so predominantly on Ferré, and his parade, should not be attributed to an inflated sense of their own importance. These people treat the Ballon d’Or seriously because they know exactly the amount of money it means to players. As you’re Ferré called Luka Modric, the winner in 2018, to give him the news that he or she had won, the Croatian “cried like a child, ” Ferré said.

“It is Christmas for them, ” he said. “It can be the only chance you get the actual team sport to celebrate your self. ”

It can significance that only seems to acquire with every passing year. This particular primacy of the Ballon d’Or is something of a interested in phenomenon. In 2010, it was affair to FIFA’s official counterpart, the World Player of the Time award, to become the TIMORE Ballon d’Or.

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