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We all love the immense benefits and convenience that comes with quickly accessing the internet. Some people are never concerned about the inherent danger caused by identity theft and data security breaches. Maybe you use a proxy or Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing the internet. More tech-savvy individuals will use a more premium proxy provider, like this one.  When accessing the internet, it’s essential to make sure you are well protected.

Hiding IP Address Behind A Proxy: Is it a Smart Move?

A proxy server is a machine, which translates traffic between protocols or networks. In simple language, the proxy server acts as an intermediary server that separates end-users from their browsing web pages. Proxy server providers offer proxies depending on the clients’ needs. Depending on the company policy, use, and needs, the proxy will provide different levels of security, functionality, and privacy.

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is like the computers’ street address. The internet uses the IP address in sending the correct data to a specific computer.

You can use a proxy server to change the IP address of your computer, hence giving your computer a different or anonymous location. The proxy server encrypts your data, making the data unreadable while it’s in transit. Based on your IP address, the proxy server can either block or grant access to some web pages.

There are three main ways of hiding your IP address:

  • Proxy servers
  • VPN
  • Tor

Each of these options come with a different blend of security, privacy, and practicality. Let’s see how you can use a proxy server to hide your IP address and if it’s a smart move.

Using a Proxy to Hide IP Address

The primary role of the proxy server is to handle the internet traffic. It receives requests from various clients and forwards these requests as it delivers and receives responses from the servers. When using your proxy, you might have to adjust the proxy settings on your PC manually.

Unlike the VPN, most proxies aren’t equipped with the capability of encrypting your traffic. They also can’t hide your IP address from individuals who intercept your internet traffic. Free web proxies aren’t as reliable as VPNs but can still function well in hiding your IP address. If you are looking for a quick and temporary solution for trustworthy internet security, then proxy servers are the best option.

How Does the Proxy Hide My IP Address?

Some proxies can mask your current IP address with a new one. Hence, it gives you a new “location”. Your new “location” will be the same as that of the proxy server you are using. There are different proxies you can use to hide your IP address. Each proxy offers a different level of security and protection as you access the internet.

Types of Proxies

Below are the four types of proxies you can use in hiding your devices’ IP addresses:

1.     Transparent Proxy

The transparent proxy doesn’t conceal your IP address or use your proxy server. Instead, it identifies itself to the website as a proxy server and still presents your IP address to the web browser. It quickly reveals your online identity to the web server. Transparent proxies are commonly used by schools, businesses, and public libraries, for content filtering. They can be easily set up.

2.     Anonymous Proxy

Unlike the transparent proxy, the anonymous proxy will not pass your device’s IP address to the website. But it will still identify as a proxy server. Not giving away the IP address helps prevent identity theft and hides your browsing habits. Anonymous proxies also prevent websites from using advert targeting techniques. Therefore, they can’t send you marketing and advertising content based on your geographical location. But this isn’t 100% guaranteed.

3.     High anonymity/ elite proxies

The elite proxies function like transparent proxies by submitting your devices’ IP addresses to the websites. The core difference is that they constantly change the IP addresses. So, it’s difficult for the website to pin which IP address belongs to which device. High anonymity proxies are the best for accessing the internet.

4.     Distorting proxy

On the other hand, a distorting proxy identifies as a proxy but gives a false IP address to the website. It functions as an anonymous proxy, but by providing an incorrect IP address, one has a new “location”. This enables you to bypass online content restrictions.

Some websites will block their web pages and content from anonymous proxies. You can be extra careful when using proxy servers to access restricted online content. Consulting with your proxy provider will help you determine the best proxy server to hide your IP address.

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