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Browsing the web while concealing your personally identifiable information so you can’t be tracked by advertisers, websites, your ISP, the government, or hackers is known as. To get genuine online anonymity, you should also block tracking cookies and browser fingerprinting.

Given how certain individuals have been treated, anonymity may be the only option for a genuine whistleblower to reveal corruption, regardless of why people go online without being tracked. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay unknown no matter what you’re up to.

Is it possible to regain control of your online privacy? In the end, the greatest method to keep your anonymity on the internet is…not to go online at all. This isn’t, nevertheless, a realistic choice for most individuals.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can minimize browsing surveillance, personalized advertising, and identity theft while you surf.

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1.   Be Careful While Using The Public Wifi:

One approach to avoid your online activity from being used to pinpoint your location is not to use a public WiFi hotspot. Because you need to protect your IP address as your computer’s Internet Protocol address will not always be yours. Using a public WiFi hotspot can cause a serious threat to your online privacy, so it’s better to avoid it

You should also be wary about connected devices, automatic updates, and app downloads since they might lead to security risks.

2.   Always Visit The Websites Having HTTPS Indicator:

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously - iLounge 9

HTTPS, or the secure version of the HyperText Transfer Protocol, is a protocol that web browsers and websites use to exchange information. Almost every current website uses HTTPS, so avoid non-HTTPS sites since they indicate that your data isn’t safe with them.

3.   Be Cautious With The Cookies:

Cookies are not inherently evil since they are a technique that web services use to customize your browsing experience, from which themes you enjoy reading about to which items you are most likely to buy.

Cookies can be used for a variety of complex activities, such as remembering your login credentials, credit card information, location and language preferences, and so on. It’s critical to keep track of which cookies your browser keeps and how they’ll be utilized.

4.   Look Out The Browser Plugins:

Even if a plugin enhances the capabilities of current browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, it doesn’t imply that all plugins are created equal. If you’re not downloading them from the main repository, like the Chrome Store for Google Chrome.

Make sure to read the plugin’s privacy policy before installing it to ensure that it meets your right to privacy and that you have the option to opt-out of tracking.

5.   Always Go For Anonymous Search Engine:

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously - iLounge 10

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that aspires to give you control of your data by keeping your search history private and blocking ad trackers. It’s encouraged by the open-source community, and it’s even the default search in Onion browsers, TOR.

6.   Use A Right Browser Extension To Minimize Tracking:

Users may opt to use the Ghostery extension and/or browser add-ons like Disconnect or Privacy Badger to block third-party tracking cookies. These plugins conceal your online activities so that third parties can’t track you online.

7.   Use TOR Browser:

TOR is a free and open-source application that bounces Internet traffic through several relays to disguise users’ identities by hiding their IP addresses. Your IP and all data packets that interact with your computer are encrypted, which means your identity is hidden whether or not you’re using a VPN.

8.   Employ A VPN:

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously - iLounge 11

VPNs are one of the most simple methods to alter your IP address, and many VPNs support encrypting your Internet connection, impersonating another user on a network, and accessing geo-blocked sites.

Don’t choose a proxy server, even though a proxy server may allow you to access geo-blocked sites but it does not offer you half of the advantages of a VPN service, and anonymity is one of the most essential aspects.

9.   Utilize Mobile Network:

Using your phone’s data for surfing is a safe method to remain anonymous online because the routing system it employs each time you connect assigns a unique IP address. While this procedure protects your anonymity, it is time-consuming and less effective than browsing from a computer.

10.   Avail The Facility Of Anonymous Email Services:

Many popular email account services, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, require users to provide personal data that is immediately distributed across their network for a variety of purposes.

You’ll be safer if you move from using services like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to anonymous email providers like TorGuard and ProtonMail, which allow you to create accounts and interact with people through email without risking your privacy.

11.     Keep Yourself Away From Spam Messages:

Never, ever, giving out your email address to spammers is the most effective spam-fighting technique. Aside from that, just ignoring a spam message’s URL or even opening an unsolicited email does not work. The best method of combating spam is to never provide your email address.

12.     Use Anonymous Digital Payment Method:

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously - iLounge 12

You can’t stay hidden on the internet if you offer bank information and other critical data across it. How are you supposed to make online payments then? when that’s no longer an option because of the privacy factor.

Use gift cards and cryptocurrencies as payment options. They’re becoming increasingly accessible these days, with more businesses supporting them regularly.

Final Thought :

The discussed points are the factors you should check to guarantee that your data is safe online and that you remain unnoticed at all times. Take note of any internet services you use and follow the privacy policies for the software you’re using.

If you follow these recommendations, you’ll be much better protected against online tracking. You’ll be able to do so much more surfing online anonymously.

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