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Check How to Fix ‘Slow Safari on Mac’ Issue

Safari is one of the fastest web browsers you can get for Mac as long as it works properly. Like any other web browser, it can slow down over time. Downloads can take longer, page load times can increase, and in general it can seem much slower than it used to be.

How many times have you seen the beach ball spinning lately while browsing Safari on your Mac? For example, Safari has slow loading pages, stops loading in the middle with text scattered across the screen and images in the wrong place. Or some web pages load forever before you can read the content. Other times, it may just be that Safari runs extremely slow after the Catalina update (remember the pitfalls of a shiny new macOS?)

Make sure Automatic proxy detection is not checked

This setting is useful for privacy reasons, but the proxy server and some settings may be creating the slow internet problem. By pressing the keyboard, automatic Poxy dictation can help bypass the proxy server, or Mac users can get a direct connection to the Internet if the proxy server is not available to them.

  • Go to the Apple Logo (appears in the top menu bar)> System Preferences> Network> Wi-Fi> Advanced.
  • Proxies tab> Automatic proxy detection now unchecked [Auto Proxy Discovery] > in the last click on OK.

Turn off Safari Mac search suggestions

Search suggestions improve the user experience while connecting with your Apple device. Search Suggestions use Siri Search that runs on all your Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Home pod, or Apple Watch. According to your favorite search, you can also quickly get the exact search on your Mac.

Sometimes this feature is useless; By disabling “Search Suggestions Safari” as a result, you can get more benefits on slow safari or mac system.

  • Open Safari on Mac, From the top menu of Mac, Safari> Preferences.
  • Then select the search tab> unchecked “Include safari suggestions”.
  • That is all. here is the screen below, which is lost after disabling this option.

If you like this feature and don’t want to disable it, then you should check the other Safari settings and get the exact solution of Why is Safari on my Mac so slow?

Disable DNS Prefetch on Safari Mac

Is your Mac sending DNS queries to the network through the router and your router is unable to handle such requests in time? As a result, you will get slow response from the internet. If DNS preference recording is enabled, then your Safari browser on Mac sends a DNS request to load the website for the first time. So keep disabling DNS Preferences engraving on your Mac. Safari is a great solution if this happens to your system. Next, I recommend trying alternative methods to disable DNS Preferences recording on Mac or Macbook running on any MacOS.

Change DNS service provider for Slow Safari:

By default, our DNS settings are provided by the ISP. Instead, this time we will try to use public DNS, which could boost Safari. The best DNS server is Google’s DNS; probably everyone, including me, is using Google DNS. This action not only helps safari but also provides the solution for “How can I fix slow Internet on Mac?”

  • Click to open “Apple Logo” from the Top Mac menu and then open “System Preferences.”
  • Open network “.
  • Select the network your MacBook is connected to.
  • Click on “Advanced”.
  • Now tap on (+) and add a DNS server.

To use Google DNS, enter the following public DNS address, enter and are Google’s DNS servers for you.

Or should I use OpenDNS

Enter 208.67. 222.222 and 208.67. 220,220 on the list. Click OK to apply the changes and test your internet speed on safari.

Open empty page in Safari: no more loading every time

I also had issues with slow new tabs. We fixed it by opening an empty page instead of the home screen. The Safari browser has too many hidden customizations that most Safari users are not aware of.

  • The Open Emply blank is a great tip to quickly start browsing and opening on your Mac. Follow the steps below,
  • Open Safari on Mac> From the Mac top menu Safari> Preferences.
  • General> “New window opens with empty page” and New tab “Open with empty page”. Select these options from the drop-down menu.

That is all. Now your Safari page will not load any data in New Tab or Window, but also, you need to check what is loading with the web page when you open it. Along with the web page files, installed third party plugins and plugins also check the Ether details of the web page. Sometimes that’s not necessary, so disable or remove unused plugins or plugins. Also, keep everything up to date.

Force close and relaunch with the “Shift” key

Your Safari browser is slow because the affected website opens in the background; Some lazy websites consume more memory than your Mac, that is the cause of slower Safari performance. To get it out quickly, Mac users should Force Quit Safari and Restart with Refresh Safari Memory.

  • While Safari is opening on your screen, press Command + Q to force close the Safari browser.
  • Press the Shift key on your keyboard. Click Safari on the Launchpad to start it again. Then your Safari browser loads
  • how to open it for the first time.
  • That is all.

If Safari doesn’t load the image, Data [Why are images not showing up in Safari on my Mac?], for a specific website, you need to check with the safari private window.

Test with private window

Safari cached a large amount of internet data and cookies so that they load faster on the next visit to the same website. Private browsing mode, you are not interested in old data saved on Mac or Never save new data. So that’s a great way to test the actual speed of your Safari browser.

  • Open Safari on Mac, From the Mac top menu, File> New Private Window.

Start doing a safe search without loading additional plugins or Safari extensions installed on your Mac.

Final words: How to Fix ‘Slow Safari on Mac’ Issue

I hope you understand this article How to Fix ‘Slow Safari on Mac’ Issue, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this article with your family and friends.

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