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When it comes to unblocking websites , you have a  whole slate of digital tools  to use. Still, not every website may unblocked, and that especially applies to media streaming websites. With that said, if you’re wondering how to examine Hotstar in the US without a VPN, know that you’ll encounter a fixed set of options.  

A great deal more precisely, there are three ways throughout unblock any version associated with Hotstar in the US without a VPN. And those would be – by utilising a proxy service, a ‘Smart DNS’ service, or a virtual private server (VPS). So , let’s ask you more about each of those.  

1 . Try Using one Proxy Service

Proxy expert services are similar to VPNs up to a picked point. They’re designed to re-route your Web traffic, using a facebook proxy server that separates the person and the Web. And since serwerów proxy servers come with the ability to  change your Internet protocol address , they can unblock world-wide-web.

Keep in mind that proxy services more often than not serve outdated versions including websites, as not many definitely have the means to access hacia live website at any supplied moment. That makes their use with media streaming services really problematic.

You should also know that you might discover two types of proxy help: data center proxies and in addition residential proxies. We’re referfing to residential proxies here, which could come as a solution to watching Hotstar in the US without a VPN. To read more, here’s  using an anonymous proxy .


Proxies operate offer any  encryption , which means that your own personal sensitive data will remain palmario on the Web. With that said, some proxy server might be able to unblock a couple of internet pages here and there, but don’t trust them the motivation to keep your private data safe.

2 . Try Using the often most successful DNS Service

Instead of possessing a specialized server (like proxies or VPNs do), Smart and practical DNS services use a tradition domain name server (DNS) within order to re-route your Web data issues. That means that Smart DNS services don’t reroute the whole Internet traffic but only your actual DNS requests, making them towards unblocking media streaming specialists.

Based on our experience, by using a Smart DNS is a very effective way to unblock and watch Hotstar in the US (without a VPN). However , any effective Lively DNS will come at a financial impact. That’s the reason why premium VPN services (such as  ExpressVPN ,   Surfshark , and  NordVPN ) offer Right DNS-like features (typically current included in their subscription plans).

If you need a more affordable Shrewd DNS service, we would recommend checking our reviews of  Unlocator ,   Getflix , and  Smart DNS Proxy VPN . However , you’ll make sure none of those come with too high ratings, as their disadvantages make them a sub-par remedy compared to VPNs.

as well as more. Try Using a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

And lastly, work out watch Hotstar in the US without getting a VPN – is by using an Virtual Private Server (VPS). Keep in mind that VPNs already rely on Virtual Closely held private Servers, which are a crucial piece of their infrastructure. So , planning to use a VPS means that youll eliminate the middlemen.

As you can imagine, deciding upon a VPS isn’t for everyone, for need to have plenty of technical practical knowledge to set everything up. Nevertheless once everything is in pl, you can create secure VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER connections, unblock websites from specific country, and make sure using logs your personal data.

Consequently , the result might be what happen to be looking for, but deciding to use a VPS should not be taken without due consideration. And also, this doesn’t be met with a more affordable solution assigned VPNs, which is yet another challenge with consider.


If you’re intrigued by what a VPS offers, we have a  handy guide detailing the differences   including VPN and VPS features. So , use the provided link through and see which of those alternative is better for your specific case.

4. Tampoco Luck With Other Options? The best option Is a VPN!

The fact is that should you want to unblock a film streaming service or admittance its different version (as if you’re in another country), your best bet is a VPN app. To respond all your questions on how may perhaps be done, here’s our specialized guide to  watching Hotstar outside China   (if you should definitely access its Indian rendition, that is).

Keep in mind that, according to our experience, the  best VPN   today is  ExpressVPN . Still you have more options at your disposal, as you can see in our guide to the  best VPNs with regard to media streaming .

That might be all on how to watch Hotstar in the US without a VPN. If you’ve got any questions on your mind, make certain you post them via the wisecracks section below. And lastly, thanks to reading!

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