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  • Collecting data from various websites can be crucial when creating a website of your own.
  • If you are looking for a tool that will help with website scraping, then WINTR is a solid choice.
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WINTR ProxyEgg Meet WINTR, the all-in-one web scraping API -

Creating the perfect website isn’t easy, especially when there’s a lot of competition around. However, common sense dictates that the best way to create a website is to see what the competition is up to, and weed out all the possible cons and keep the good things.

That being the case, web scraping can be very handy, and we will be showcasing a software tool that acts as a complete all-in-one web scraping API that is called WINTR.

Which are the WINTR’s top features?

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Meet WINTR, the all-in-one web scraping API - 5

Easy to use and efficient

The top selling point of WINTR is just how easy it is to use, allowing even those with a minimum of training in the field to make use of it.

The results provided are quite impressive, as it can extract the data from even the most complex websites, regardless of how they were built, such as dynamically Javascript rendered web pages like Single-Page Applications.

Unhindered data extraction

In general, website scraping can be hindered if you are doing it from various geographical locations, and you’d end up being greeted by CAPTCHA security features. Thankfully enough, WINTR is powered by rotating data centers and residential proxies, so these will not be a problem.

Get only the data that you need

However, just because WINTR is good at extracting data, doesn’t mean that it isn’t tuned to work on the more finer details. For example, it doesn’t just extract the raw HTML data, it gives you exactly what you need in the form of a  JSON object.

Easy parameter editing

This service allows you to save your profiles and scraping requests using predefined parameters like the one below.


Each request parameter can then be edited as shown below:

GET -'')

This feature combined with the HTML parsing allow your scraping activities to carry on in real time, even if the targeted websites change in any way.

Simply log into your WINTR dashboard and edit the saved request output schema to resume website scraping.

Affordable price plans

Lastly, and probably most importantly, WINTR can be tested for free before you actually have to commit to any subscription, and free version offers more than enough insight to give you an idea of how efficient this service is.

More so, they also have a free plan, although it is pretty limited compared to the paid ones, so in the end it is purely up to you which pricing plan you should commit to.



Website scraping can now be done easily and in adaptive manner if you choose WINTR to get the job done for you.

What do you think about WINTR?

Let us know your opinions by leaving us a message in the comments section below.

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