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Interesting news in the Msft Teams space, Microsoft offers you acquired Peer5, a WebRTC-based eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivering Network) solution that costs in-browser. The terms of the option weren’t disclosed.

Peer5 has powered tremendous live events with as much as 2 million concurrent users) and our product is used over the years by higher than 1 billion users.

What is and eCDN and what does it offer to produce Microsoft Teams?

An eCDN takes stress off hundreds, maybe even now thousands of endpoints/users all pushing the same stream content in servers on the internet. It’s a example that applies to larger marque and specifically, Microsoft Squads live events, a specific “meeting” scenario which is more of a variety of presenters to many view-only students broadcast, up to 10, thousand attendees. Live events may well run for up to 4 hours or maybe more to 15 can be run together by a tenant/organisation. Though these particular limits have been increased upward December 31 2021, that up to 20, 000 they, 16 hours per exhibition and up to 50 synchronous events per tenant.

This compares to and also the (interactive) Teams meetings where it used to be limited to 250 boots, but now to up to tusen concurrent people but also have the ability to overflow to a “view-only mode” which essentially might be live event stream by – another name).

The way Live Events obtain to such high numbers is that they leverage Azure Music and videos Services and Azure Pleased Delivery Network (CDN) to assist you distribute the stream to a lot distributed points of presence (POP). The user will connect to in addition to stream from the most your own local POP, distributing the load there are lots of streamers/attendees. So no single webserver is overwhelmed.

Where the Enterprise CDN works, is doing the same thing, but now home enterprise network. Without the eCDN each enterprise user being in the meeting goes out online to the Azure CDN, utilizing bandwidth on the enterprise network/WAN/internet connection. With events akin to 10, 000 or more delegates, it’s easy to see how that may quickly swamp the energy network.

eCDNs typically work by some type of agent on the end-user helps. The agent then acts as a transparent HTTP proxy within the streaming server and the video footage player. or in the case of WebRTC browser-based content, it can be a phone plugin. This is what Peer5 makes specialised in. Peer5 does not necessarily require additional installation around user endpoints. Possibly Microsoft company could even ship this perfectly in their Edge browser.

What about other Microsoft company certified eCDN solutions?

Microsoft already is complete with 4 recognised eCDN partners for Microsoft Teams; Hive , Kollective , Ramp and Oceanbed . With Peer5 listed as “coming soon” relating to the certified partner list.

Microsoft says for you to continue to support eCDN systems from Microsoft certified male partners in addition to Peer5 eCDN.

Definitely Microsoft look to licence/monetise these eCDN feature?

It feels like Microsoft is seeking ways to add extra business across Office 365 who has “upsells” / additional functionality. In Teams we have your current “advanced communications” licence, knowning that right now I struggle to explain in terms of cost vs value. Could eCDN be a have got we see bundled into New Communications licence, or to become it included like the Webinar Features and the ability to widespread Teams Live Events? Somewhat, it might be more cost-effective for Roshan hauhan to have customers using the eCDN over hitting the Azure CDN directly.


Peer 5 – Peer 5 Headline blog

Microsoft blog – Microsoft Acquires Peer5 to Enhance Live Video And the in Microsoft Teams

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