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Proxies are the connective tissue that makes the world wide web an expansive, safe, and feature-filled place. If it weren’t for proxies, not only would connections between clients and servers be slowed down to a halt, they would be unsafe, and there would be no way to communicate on the internet.

Proxies serve a range of roles for businesses and individuals alike, ranging from streamlining communication and pushing requests to cybersecurity and data transfers.

In fact, there are now more proxies than you can imagine across a wide range of categories. In this article, we’ll talk a bit about web proxies, what they’re used for, list the main types of business proxies, and go a little in-depth into mobile proxies.

Basics of web proxies

Web proxies have been around for almost as long as the internet itself. In their most primordial state, web proxies used to act as a web filter, which would take client requests, push them to the server, fetch the information from the server, and provide it to the client.

That ensures no direct communication between servers and clients, making everything as fast, safe, and easy as possible. Web proxies almost always act as some intermediary in the digital world.

However, web proxies have evolved massively over the years. They now serve a range of purposes that aren’t a web filter, making them an attractive option for organizations and individuals alike.

Proxies can be used by both organizations and individuals

Proxies are very attractive for both organizations and individuals, but for different reasons. Organizations love proxies because proxies allow them to protect their data, speed up their servers, and streamline their digital presence and online communication.

Furthermore, businesses can balance network traffic if they use proxies, limit when and where people can access particular websites in the workplace, and most importantly, speed up their connection to the internet.

Individuals, on the other hand, use proxies for a far different reason. Due to the intermediary nature of proxies, they allow individuals to hide their IP address when surfing the web and actively protect themselves on the internet from the prying eyes of ISPs, hackers, and other malicious individuals.

Main types of business proxies

Now, we’ve mentioned that there are different kinds of proxies in this article, but how you categorize them can be different. In essence, you can categorize proxies based on their type, what they’re used for, and their protocol.

Depending on what a business wants to use a proxy for, they’ll use a different proxy. Most companies go for in-house proxy servers, but some opt for residential proxies. If companies are looking for a bit of web scraping, they’ll likely equip their web scraping agent with a couple of shared proxies.

If cybersecurity is their primary asset, they’ll probably opt for a more secure proxy protocol such as SOCKS5, which enables top-shelf security and at lighting fast speed.

Every business has a website, and there are more than a couple of proxies used to streamline communication and protect it – the most popular of which is HTTPS.

As you can see, there are more than a couple of different proxies, and every one of them has a use case in both personal and business applications – it just depends on what you need.

Mobile proxies explained

The digital world is an ever-evolving environment. You might be surprised to know, but most people don’t visit the internet from their desktops anymore – smartphones have overtaken desktops when it comes to web traffic. As the dynamic of the internet changes, so do its residents, practices, and proxies.

A mobile proxy is a portable smart device with an internet connection. You can connect to this device and take its IP address, actively masking your own wherever you are. Mobile proxies are, in essence, shared proxies, but they could be exclusive to you if you purchase an exclusive mobile proxy.

Think of a mobile proxy as a portable, temporary network that you connect to protect your identity on the go. Once you go off the mobile proxy, that IP is passed to someone else, actively masking your actual IP address.

Mobile proxies are very useful for a range of things, such as the same posting, protecting yourself and your data while on the go, as well as accessing otherwise locked content.

While there are free mobile proxies, we don’t suggest using them, especially for business applications. Free mobile proxies are very slow, have poor security, and can be used by some malicious individuals.

In conclusion

Proxies are the staple of online organizations and have a fantastic use case for businesses and individuals alike. There are more types and kinds of proxies than you can imagine, and all of them have their purpose. If you’re looking for a mobile proxy – get an exclusive one if possible, and always remember to protect yourself and your data while on the world wide web.

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