Monetizing email ads will be difficult on iOS 15 –

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Today’s column is written by Chris Suptoline, Vice President of Marketing at Kebel.

With the official release of iOS 15 and Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) this fall, email ad monetization will change forever.

This new feature sends all emails opened in the Apple Mail app to a proxy server (regardless of the email service used, such as Gmail or Outlook) and preloads all content, including impressions and tracking pixels. increase. litmus.

This makes it impossible to track impressions for Apple Mail users. Sending an email to 100,000 of them will cause the pixel to launch 100,000 times, even though it actually opened only 20,000. This impression data (also known as open count) is virtually unusable.

Of course, there are some caveats here. First, the program is not turned on by default. However, instead of using the toggle hidden in the settings, when you open the app, all users are prompted to choose whether to opt in or out of email privacy protection. The prompt is focused on privacy and 24% of users Many people are unlikely to choose the “Do not protect email activity” option if they agree to allow the app to track them when asked.

2, data show Apple Mail clients make up 46% of emails opened in 2020. This is a lot of opens, but not the majority. And third, Apple hasn’t officially released iOS 15, which could delay MPP or make changes to mitigate the blow.

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Still, this update can have some significant implications.

  1. Impression reports are either unreliable or more complex to run. Email advertising servers may begin to decompose Apple Mail data (100% open rate) from other clients so as not to distort the results. Many publishers and email ad networks may also choose to stop reporting impressions altogether.
  2. Impression pricing is gone. Many networks already use CPC pricing, and publishers who work directly with advertisers often charge a flat rate. Still, those who charge for impressions or open numbers need to pursue alternatives.
  3. Email advertising network eCPM will probably drop.. Impression tracking is key to optimizing publisher eCPM, including the combination of click-through rate (CTR) and CPC, even if the email advertising network charges advertisers via cost-per-click (CPC). increase. These CTRs should depend on the “send to click” rate. This isn’t as accurate as the impression-to-click rate, as open rates vary by publisher.Without accurate data, the eCPM algorithm can be less effective

The industry tends to make apocalyptic predictions, so the first thing I say is that email ad monetization is never dead. You can continue to track the number of subscribers, clicks, and actions associated with those clicks. Impression tracking is still available to over 50% of recipients.

However, publishers who monetize with email ads must be aware of these changes and respond accordingly. They need to actively discuss iOS 15 with direct advertisers and how it affects reporting and pricing.

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Monetizing email ads will be difficult on iOS 15

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