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Babelfish and MangoDB are individuals who solutions that move you workloads from SQL Device and MonoDB respectively  to PostgreSQL.

We have repeatedly or maybe why PostgreSQL rules the several DBMS world. Some examples work as   PostgreSQL 16 Is Here – A Look At Its actual Past And Future   and  PostgreSQL Is DB-Engines DBMS at the Year For 2020 .

While there can be found existing methods for moving based in DBMS “A” to Postgres, as  The Complete Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Publication   by EDB demonstrates, migrating application bad element|code calculatordecoder} is a whole different concept. Today this need Babelfish while MangoDB let PostgreSQL determine queries from applications jotted down for Microsoft SQL Computer and MongoDB respectively.


Babelfish is a variety extensions that provide both T-SQL capabilities and a Tabular Facts Stream (TDS) listener vent out as enhancements to PostgreSQL. It supports the SQL Server dialect, T-SQL, as well as the notable features including savepoints, stored procedures, nested deals, etch.

while MangoDB

is a stateless proxy server, which converts MongoDB project queries to SQL, driving PostgreSQL as a database engine motor. It is compatible with MongoDB drivers, and should work as a drop-in alternatives to MongoDB in many cases.

So what can be their benefits?

Initially, getting rid of licensing fees, simply because you move from propriety SQL Server to open source PostgreSQL. But what about MongoDB, undoubtedly isn’t it open source already? It is, but it has recently changed its actual license to SSPL (check  The SSPL isn’t just an Open Source License ) making it unusable for all Open Source and Commercial Casts.

mango ProxyEgg Transport Over To PostgreSQL With Babelfish and MangoDB - iProgrammer

With this approach you have port your application originally produced for SQL Server and MangoDB to work with a Postgres backend engine. For instance, Babelfish has many parser that creates the precise query nodes, so that the SQL Server dialect can be made by PostgreSQL natively. Babelfish also supports T-SQL semantics, plus it uses the same network of freinds protocol, port, and connection drivers of SQL Host which by default runs around port 1433.

Babelfish comes as a raccord against community PostgreSQL, a bunch of extensions built together with the patch:  

  • babelfishpg_tsql: the same as the T-SQL language
  • babelfishpg_tds: supports a TDS wire protocol
  • babelfishpg_common: supports newest datatypes found in T-SQL
  • babelfishpg_money: supports the actual cash type in SQL Server

As for MangoDB, it acts as an open-source myspace proxy which converts MongoDB insert protocol queries to SQL, and uses PostgreSQL simply database engine, hence mimicking as a drop-in replacement for MongoDB in many cases. This way, MongoDB truckers and even tools can be used within the application which would otherwise depend on MongoDB, while still taking advantage of the ease and flexibility these guidelines document database, especially administered Postgres’ strong JSON high-definition.

As beforehand said, both Babelfish additionally MangoDB are Open Source software inside of the organization terms of the Apache 2 . 0 license. As such both work are hosted on Github as well.

  babel mango ProxyEgg Transport Over To PostgreSQL With Babelfish and MangoDB - iProgrammer


Adios Microsoft SQL Server, Aaaargrgg Babelfish

MangoDB-A truly Free MongoDB alternative

BabelFish when GitHub

MangoDB on GitHub

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