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Windows 11 comes with a lot of promises, it is expected to be quicker, more secure, and overall a tier above its predecessor, Windows 10. It has also experienced a bit of overhaul, especially its Settings is a lot different from that of Settings. We have already made an article about Windows 11 Settings, in this post, we will be digging a bit deeper and talking about Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11.

You can easily reach Network and Internet Settings by opening Settings and then clicking on the Network & Internet tab from the left panel.

Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11

Network & Internet Settings  in Windows 11

Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 has the following option for you to configure your system and make it work the way you want.

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Ethernet
  3. VPN
  4. Mobile hotspot
  5. Airplane mode
  6. Proxy
  7. Dial-up
  8. Advanced network settings

Let us talk about each of them in detail.

1] Wi-Fi

svg%3E ProxyEgg Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 - TWCN Tech News

Let us start with the first option, Wi-Fi.  This setting allows the user to enable the Wi-Fi, connect to a network, forget a network, and configure a Wi-Fi.

You can use the toggle of Wi-Fi to enable or disable it, to configure the setting more, you can click on it, and you will be redirected to your Wi-Fi settings.

To connect to a Wi-Fi network, you have to click on Show available networks, select the network that you want to connect to, enter its password, and click Ok.

2] Ethernet

svg%3E ProxyEgg Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 - TWCN Tech News

The Ethernet option is there is configure your network. Here you can set your Network profile type, Public to not make your device discoverable, and Private, if you want to make your device discoverable.

You can enable Metered connection if you have a shortage of Data. Change IP address, configure DHCP, and configure your Ethernet connection, in general.

3] VPN

svg%3E ProxyEgg Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 - TWCN Tech News

Next up, we have Virtual Private Network. To add a new VPN connection, you have to click on Add VPN from the VPN connection section. You can then give the required information and connect to a VPN.

You can also use the Advanced settings for all VPN connections option, to Allow VPN over metered networks and/or Allow VPN while roaming.

4] Mobile hotspot

svg%3E ProxyEgg Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 - TWCN Tech News

Mobile Hotspot made its debut in Windows 10 and is now an integral part of MS Windows. This feature allows you to share your Internet with different computers. You can use the toggle to enable the feature.

You can choose Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for Share my internet connection from and Share over. If you want to edit the hotspot, just click on the Edit button and give your hotspot a name, and a password.

5] Airplane mode

svg%3E ProxyEgg Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 - TWCN Tech News

Airplane Mode was developed to stop your computer from getting connected to any wireless network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular network. You can enable Airplane Mode from here if you want to alienate your computer from the world.

6] Proxy

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After Airplane Mode, let us configure Proxy on your system. From Settings > Network & internet > Proxy, you can set up the Proxy server.

To use Automatic proxy setup, first, enable Automatic detect settings and then click Set up. If you want to set Proxy up manually, click Set up from Use a proxy server.

7] Dial-up

svg%3E ProxyEgg Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 - TWCN Tech News

Dial-up is one of the most underutilized settings in Windows 11. That’s because our router dials up for an Internet connection. But if you want to Dial-up for an Internet connection, you can do that from settings. Just click on Set up a new connection and then follow the given steps to do the same.

8] Advanced network settings

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Advanced network settings encapsulate a lot more options in themselves. When you open this setting, you will see options to disable your Network adapters, you can disable Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Network Connection.

svg%3E ProxyEgg Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 - TWCN Tech News

From More settings, you can see Data usageHardware, and connection properties, and Network reset. Spoiler alert: They all function as their name suggests.

That was all you need to know about Network & internet settings in Windows 11.

How do I reset my Wi-Fi in Windows 11?

svg%3E ProxyEgg Network & Internet Settings in Windows 11 - TWCN Tech News

Sometimes, Wi-Fi starts behaving peculiarly, in that case, you should reset your Wi-Fi with the help of the following steps.

  1. Launch Settings either from the Start Menu or by Win + I.
  2. Go to Network & Internet > Advanced network settings.
  3. Click on Network reset.
  4. Click Reset now.

Now, you can reconnect to your network and hopefully, the issue you are dealing with will be fixed.

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How do I connect to WiFi on Windows 11?

There are many ways by which you can connect to WiFi on Windows 11, but we are going to two of the most common and easiest ones.

Connect to WiFi from Taskbar

The quickest way to connect to WiFi is from the Taskbar. Just click on the arrow placed next to the WiFi or Network icon on your taskbar, then select the network you want to connect to and Connect.

Now, you will be asked to enter the password, do that, and click Next. Wait for it to verify and you will be connected to your network.

Connect to WiFi from Settings

In this method, we are going to use the Settings app. So, follow the given steps to do the same.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Network & internet > Wi-Fi >  Manage known networks.
  3. Click Add network.
  4. Set your Network name, password, and security type, and click Save.

That’s it!

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