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Telegram is recognised widely as a feature-packed app that can do a lot more in terms of functionality compared to rivals like WhatsApp and Signal. We recently covered the Top 10 Telegram features that you probably didn’t know about so be sure to have a look at those as well. In addition, here are five more advanced Telegram features that can take your messaging experience to the next level.

1. Video editing with colour correction

Telegram offers users the options to edit pictures and videos before sending. However, the editor in here isn’t just the basic crop-and-flip tool, it is full-fledged editing utility complete with options like an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) curve that lets you colour correct your videos in real-time. You can even adjust elements like saturation, contrast, exposure and more.

Telegram features Video editor ProxyEgg New to Telegram? Here are five advanced features every user should know - The Indian Express How to use Telegram’s built-in video editor. (Express Photo)

To do this, select a video to send and you can find the options to crop, tune and add elements to it below. Set your desired adjustments and tap on the Send button to send the video.

2. Proxy servers

Telegram also supports proxy servers, allowing users to hide their IP address by connecting to a custom Proxy server. This works similar to how a VPN connection works and is only for advanced users who know what they’re doing. While a proxy is not as secure as a VPN connection, it has the advantage of not taking a toll on your internet speed.

Telegram features Proxy servers ProxyEgg New to Telegram? Here are five advanced features every user should know - The Indian Express How to use Telegram Proxy servers. (Express Photo)

To set up a proxy server on Telegram, users can head over to the Settings and choose Data and Storage. In here, scroll down till you find the Proxy Settings panel, where you can turn it on and enter your server’s details.

3. Set reminders

Telegram’s Saved Messages feature is quite handy, for more than just saving important text messages. Users can use this space to also save all kinds of important files that will be stored on Telegram’s secure cloud and then can be accessed from any device where you are signed in. However, users can also set a reminder within the Saved Messages space.

Telegram features Set Reminders ProxyEgg New to Telegram? Here are five advanced features every user should know - The Indian Express How to set reminders in Telegram. (Express Photo)

To do this, head over to the Telegram hamburger menu and choose Saved Messages. Here you can type out whatever your reminder message is. Instead of hitting send, long-press the send button to choose ‘Set a reminder’. You can then choose when you want Telegram to remind you about the task.

4. Slow mode in groups

Having some members in the group spam everyone else with continuous messages is something no group admin wants to deal with. This is especially troublesome in Telegram where groups can include as many as 2,00,000 members.

However, Telegram allows a unique solution to this. You can set Slow Mode in your groups where users can send only one message per a preset amount of time. For instance, if you set it to 30 seconds, all users will be able to send only one message every 30 seconds.

Telegram features Slow Mode ProxyEgg New to Telegram? Here are five advanced features every user should know - The Indian Express How to use Telegram Slow mode in groups. (Express Photo)

To set this, tap on the group’s name, and choose the edit icon (shaped like a pencil). Head into permissions and find the slow mode setting near the bottom of the page.

5. Polls

You can even set up quizzes and polls with Telegram groups if you are the admin. These work similarly to Twitter polls. You can set up either anonymous or visible polls. Telegram also allows you to set up quiz polls where only one answer is correct.

Telegram features Polls ProxyEgg New to Telegram? Here are five advanced features every user should know - The Indian Express How to use Telegram Polls. (Express Photo)

To set up a poll in your Telegram group, head into the group and hit the attach icon (shaped like a paper clip). Here scroll through the icons on the bottom of your recent photos, and choose the poll icon.

How many of these features did you know about? Note that Telegram is soon expected to add a bunch of more features including paid features for premium and power users in the near future. However, all the current features will remain free to use for all users.

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