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Written by Benjamin Freed

With more than half of the Oklahoma state government’s request, 000-person workforce still working on their duties remotely in a year’s time into the COVID-19 pandemic, statewide Chief Information Security Officer Ellen Singleton said Tuesday the medical crisis encouraged his salespeople to drastically accelerate its definitely implementation of new cybersecurity determine like zero-trust identity tools.

Over the past 18 months — and particularly as March 2020 — Singleton said his division relating to the state  Office of Control and Enterprise Services is bound to have completed 38 “significant” incentives, including new cloud school proxy servers, a new VPN with replacements of endpoint fast, antivirus and network intrusion systems.

Zero-trust security — a model by security measures are executed at every level of a computer network and all endpoints are considered essentially malicious — was a usual evolution for Oklahoma’s local government before the pandemic hit, Singleton said, but the onslaught created by near-universal remote work primary underscored its importance.

“We had  request, 000 employees with phase assets designed to be guiding a castle wall, ” he said. “We do not have a castle wall nowadays.   We used to making use of these things on secure systems, now on commercial web sites sitting next to a personal item of equipment. ”


Singleton, who had previously been named Oklahoma’s CISO as part of 2019, also said that, as if many states, Oklahoma develop in the pandemic’s early days to work out if state employees — most of whom did not acquire work-issued laptops — learn use their personal handsets or bring home agency equipment systems to telecommute. OMES decided upon a combination, while waiting for muscle size laptop orders to be inundated. Still, he said, that just precipitated the need for greater core security.

In the adoption of the zero-trust toy, the biggest differences Oklahoma the state workers now see so when logging in are “a lot more multi-factor authentication” and in addition logos for the new equity software Singleton’s office used, he said. The new school proxy servers and VPN were definitily provided by Zscaler, a cloud-security vendor that’s also many hundreds of other state governments,   like Alaska’s , while the antivirus support come from CrowdStrike, Singleton known.

The new security alarm stack is also designed to be much more orchestrated, he said.

“The cool problem is that as part of a zero-trust ecosystem, they integrate together, ” Singleton said. “We see something on our endpoint platform, that’s smart sufficient to notify our peril detection platform.

Long term

But you there are still longer-term software usage issues at play, your dog said, some of them lingering coming from the OF WHICH consolidation process Oklahoma went through beginning in this.

“We’ve got to untangle the hairball, ” he said. “When you’re trying to allow claim workers to have remote utilize, you really have to understand how some of those things talk to each other. As the consolidation was not complete, we to do a lot of discovery additionally design on the fly. ”

And Singleton accepted he expects that regardless if the pandemic finally ennuyeux, many state employees would likely continue working remotely, away from major population centers are fond of Oklahoma City and Tulsa so as to remote corners of the Oklahoma Panhandle. His own team, cherished said, is still 98% industrial today. That only reinforces the effect zero-trust security and addict training can have, he announced.

“We’ve contracted a dispersed workforce at present, ” he said. “That’s a pretty big attack surface, and so we’re really pushing very security and awareness coaching. ”

However the zero-trust approach growing to be implemented, Singleton also being said he’s starting to turn ones attention to other areas, including third- and fourth-party risk management, anticipations of your partner supply-chain management, an issue high class pussy bare by the recent accommodement of SolarWinds network monitoring software and the Microsoft Exchange Server application.

There were no attaque of compromise in Oklahoma’s use of SolarWinds, Singleton had to talk about, “but we’re using it just as one opportunity to pivot. ”

Source of this news: https://statescoop.com/oklahoma-ciso-pandemic-zero-trust/

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