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Positive Technologies released version 10. 2 of its PT Network Challenge Discovery (PT NAD) visitor analysis system, which recognizes attacks on the perimeter or inside corporate networks, manufactures hidden threats visible, understands suspicious activity even in protected traffic, and helps investigate incidents. Deep analytics modules present in PT NAD 10. couple of can detect 37 several types of suspicious activities, a ninefold increase over previous modifications, all displayed in a single foods to help organizations and customers respond to threats faster.

The  results  of PT NAD pilot projects in 41 large companies have shown which in turn, regardless of the sector, there are violations of information security regulations towards 100% of corporate communites, suspicious traffic in most, and malware activity near 68% of them. PT NAD automatically detects attacker methods to penetrate the system and identifies hacker overall look on infrastructure based on an array of indicators, including use of hacker tools and transmission of knowledge to attacker servers. System identifies over 86 practices and parses the fourty most common ones up to and including these L7 level, providing groups with a full picture as to what’s going on in the and also to help them identify security faults that enable attacks. The idea provides security operations units (SOCs) with full -network visibility, enabling them to recognize whether an attack was lucrative, reconstruct the kill archipelago, and gather evidence. PT NAD analyzes both North/South and East/West traffic and simply detects lateral movement, initiatives to exploit vulnerabilities, and assault against end users on the sector and internal services.

Every one of the latest upgrade, PT NAD users will now learn additional quickly when:

  • Credentials perhaps may be transmitted over the network with clear text (which probable exploitation by attackers)
  • Active VPN and thus proxy servers are detected (for example, if inner surface nodes access external OpenVPN or SOCKS5 proxy servers)
  • Software over remote control is used (TeamViewer, AeroAdmin, RMS, etc . ), as well as remote commands are porduced using PsExec and PowerShell
  • There is malware attacks activity in the network.

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In addition , the activity feed continually display user notifications, signals about indicators of overcome being triggered during the nostalgic analysis, use of dictionary login details, and information about  unknown Strong Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers, which automatically nominate IP addresses and other transmission parameters to devices attached to the network.

PT NAD a dozen. 2 features a built-in gear for detecting network scanning, flooding, and DDoS catches. During such events, a few different sessions are created on the company’s network. However , instead of hosting information about each connection on their own, PT NAD now gives one session record then one attack record in the job feed, offering aggregated data files about the entire attack workout. This combination makes it easier on the human body by protecting it caused from database overflow and increases the stability of the sensor.

Network Node Direction: Roles and Types  

For information security specialists to get afflicted with complete information about which nodes are involved in the network discussion and how the network is a whole, PT NAD ok automatically determines the different sorts and roles of clients. The type indicates whether a various node is a server, photo printer, mobile device, or workstation; The role refers to the action that a device performs. Version 10. 2 distinguishes fiteen roles—including DNS server, VPN, domain controller, proxy machine, and monitoring system—and compuer users can manually reassign ipod type and role.

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Dmitry Efanov, Get yourself down of PT Network Breach Discovery Development, notes:   “It’s critical to effectually map the company infrastructure so that protect it. PT NAD 10. 2 gives private security specialists an even greater understanding of enabled devices present in the network in addition to the roles they play, letting secure the network better. ”

Capturing moreover Analyzing Traffic

Starting with this version, PT NAD captures traffic in Cpanel using the DPDK engine (the  Intel library that offers among the most efficient way to capture readers in Linux, among most other mechanisms). This processes leads without loss at a rate connected tens of gigabits per item.

For greater transparency created by internal traffic, PT NAD 10. 2 has an developed list of identified and parsed protocols. The updated product now parses all working SQL data transfer protocols: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Transparent Network Principe from Oracle, and Tabular Data Stream (the and also have detect it was added using the previous  version). PT NAD also detects the methodologies of the Elasticsearch system combined with PostScript printing, which printing devices in the corporate network use to communicate. The total number of determined protocols has reached 90.

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