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This undo provides a range of powerful great new enhancements to Burp’s HTTP/2 support. This enables you to determine and exploit a number of HTTP/2-exclusive vulnerabilities, including those structured by James Kettle around Black Hat USA 2021. This implements a security fix for putting up this embedded browser and some light bug fixes for registered login sequences.

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Control the protocol for individual requests

Into Burp Repeater and School proxy Intercept, you can now choose landed at your destination to send each request hiring HTTP/1 or HTTP/2. After switch protocols, Burp really does automatically perform the necessary mutation behind the scenes to generate an equivalent go in suitable for the new protocol. For example , the HTTP/1 request brand is mapped to HTTP/2’s : method and : path pseudo-headers.

This enables your services to easily upgrade and downgrade requests to experiment with protocol-specific weaknesses.

Test to receive HTTP/2-exclusive vulnerabilities

We are excited to announce associated with Burp Suite Professional and Community Edition finally provide native support as for viewing and manipulating HTTP/2 requests.

Combined with the HTTP/1-style representation of the need that you can see in the content editor, the Inspector so now lets you work with HTTP/2 headers and pseudo-headers in a way that a good deal closely resembles what will are sent to the server. As this view doesn’t rely on HTTP/1 syntax, you’re able to construct anxiety attacks using a number of HTTP/2-exclusive vectors that are impossible to duplicate in HTTP/1. This gives the opportunity to explore a whole hot attack surface that has just been audited due to the thorough lack of any suitable pedaling until now.

A lot of real-world examples of what’s future, check out the whitepaper for John Kettle’s latest research, HTTP/2: Ones Sequel Is Always Worse , which he recently promoted at Black Hat USA 2021.

Burp’s content editor still lets you are compatible with an HTTP/1-style representation with this request and converts which to an equivalent HTTP/2 petition under the hood. This is competent at performing general testing that the protocol you’re using is actually not important.

Take a look at about these features, the disposition options, and a breakdown because of some HTTP/2 fundamentals, remember refer to the accompanying documentation

New HTTP/2 scan checks

In addition to the new manual HTTP/2 tooling, this release gives some HTTP/2-specific improvements towards Burp Scanner :

  • Two new HTTP/2-exclusive methods of obfuscating the transfer-encoding header for HTTP request smuggling .
  • An up-to-date detection method for HTTP/2 request tunnelling .
  • Manufacturer new scan check for “hidden” HTTP/2 support. Scanner can now uncover when a server supports HTTP/2 but doesn’t advertise specific in the ALPN during the TLS handshake.

We’ve also improved the issue details for HTTP with regard to smuggling to flag so when server-side countermeasures have narrowed the impact to request tunnelling .

These enhancers are also based on James’s research .

Embedded web browser security fix

We have updated Burp Suite’s embedded browser to fix the clickjacking-based remote code realization bug in Burp Séquence, as reported to our anaerobic bacteria bounty program by @mattaustin and @DanAmodio . We have updated to positively Chromium 92. 0. 4515. 131, which fixes a number of bugs that Google does offer classified as high

Bug steps

This version fixes several bugs that should improve the reliability of recent login playback.

burpsuite_community_v2021. 8. jar

MD5: d379469add361ba9e7e0e148ca80e3d6

SHA256: 222bb03da838d38e57f4c6978423721a12508b5df4d9c88b7c67cd942d333b4c

burpsuite_community_linux_v2021_8. sh

MD5: dab3b90335898096e66868230db4efb6

SHA256: f5ec72f7abcf53d55f39c0f7f87a9fc1cda6f27f3886268fe15553059be4f097

burpsuite_community_macos_v2021_8. dmg

MD5: 6b2026797d7bd100e5d4629725f65c4c

SHA256: 321a2c8b221812397663ac13b18ff0d29e00d340e52928b3256a2f59bf97ce98

burpsuite_community_windows-x64_v2021_8. exe

MD5: e08f718f572bb19fa1de000c8915c819

SHA256: 3db0af07f759d72bf274a62fef31e84d3167750abe722747cb9c52ad501094a5

burpsuite_pro_v2021. almost eight. jar

MD5: 29e996dcda6767ed2408097bcf0312fd

SHA256: 850573d72051142f42e4c041b20bb14d9c50a33aa2499caccefba6507e921a17

burpsuite_pro_linux_v2021_8. sh

MD5: 87ba8660f34d7bd5eae522d4fdbf1f87

SHA256: 9d921e3b6a9bc5662f82c53f6446f0b553042c3c9ca13b3882d57b21134acb3e

burpsuite_pro_macos_v2021_8. dmg

MD5: d4f38f1378f5fde3f71532b278c04ef2

SHA256: 0968a79e120c99ded5b6414092aeadabf31e1a775bb477471cdc2a02d1e76b97

burpsuite_pro_windows-x64_v2021_8. exe

MD5: c0ad308b9abcf672f59ff75d2e2bcab4

SHA256: bec856ce35bd69c8bb28d2db90ebbb9017e415584d00cf0fe87417dee63823e7

burp_enterprise_agent_updater_v2021. 8. zip

MD5: 0b39ad04f3aa92be6ca10224ffbe4595

SHA256: 477dc2105740ec7e787bd5c4a6c29c1aabb51978a2d396394c0cc7d5c2493846

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