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Developers can now easily debug apps through HTTP/2 traffic connection and boost app performance

BEDFORD, Mass., Dec. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Progress  (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact applications, today announced the latest release of  Progress® Fiddler™ Everywhere, its popular web debugging proxy tool. With this release, Progress is bringing to market support for HTTP/2, a major revision of the HTTP network protocol. Developers can now easily debug high-performing applications across Windows, macOS and Linux securely in less time and with fewer resources than ever before.

Fiddler Everywhere web debugging proxy tool enables organizations to capture all HTTP(S) traffic between a computer and the internet from any browser and on any device. With its rich functionality, including network session analysis, debugging in production and capturing web traffic logs, developers can trace and solve HTTP(S) issues and conduct performance evaluations. They can easily simulate external requests and responses without changing the code of the website or the mobile app.

Being among the first to introduce support for HTTP/2, Progress offers unmatched visibility for inspecting HTTP/2 network traffic on Windows, macOS and Linux and a faster way for developers to debug app issues. Unlike network connections using HTTP 1.1, those running on HTTP/2 can be reused for multiple resources. Developers can easily inspect the HTTP/2 traffic, send HTTP/2 requests and execute and test requests from both protocol versions without the need for a complex setup.

Since HTTP/2 runs both on the client and server side, the data developers receive when running client requests is accurate and sorted out, saving them time for separating what they need from what they receive.

Fiddler Everywhere 3.0 also provides:  

Support for WebSocket communication – developers have access to information transferred between the client and the server through a single ongoing connection. They can inspect data sent back and forth in chat applications or live-update websites.  Improved advanced traffic filters – developers can easily apply complex filtering to their sessions list and choose from Protocol, Status, IP, URL, Cookie, Body and other values in addition to the Request and Response Headers. They can build one or multiple complex conditions that will filter the data based on their requirements.  Faster onboarding for beginners and power users – upon initial launch, developers are provided with instructions on how to configure their environment to capture HTTPS traffic. 

“We are always focused on building the tools that developers need to increase their productivity,” said Loren Jarrett, GM, Developer Tools, Progress. “The latest release of Fiddler Everywhere provides powerful new capabilities, including support for HTTP/2, to enhance the web debugging experience and empower developers to do more with less time and effort.” 

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About Progress Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) provides the leading products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact business applications. Our comprehensive product stack is designed to make technology teams more productive, and we have a deep commitment to the developer community, both open source and commercial alike. With Progress, organizations can accelerate the creation and delivery of strategic business applications, automate the process by which apps are configured, deployed and scaled, and make critical data and content more accessible and secure — leading to competitive differentiation and business success. Over 1,700 independent software vendors, 100,000+ enterprise customers, and a three-million-strong developer community rely on Progress to power their applications. Learn about Progress at or +1-800-477-6473. 

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