Contingent announces H4000 Essential for reasonable teams – Televisual

quantum h400 ProxyEgg Contingent announces H4000 Essential for reasonable teams - Televisual

Quantum has published the release of the H4000 A must, an all-in-one appliance in which integrates Quantum CatDV about asset management and Dole StorNext 7 shared storage software on the H4000 live-stock platform.

Those H4000 Essential provides communicated storage and automatic material indexing, discovery, and efficiency collaboration for small outstanding teams.

Lot says it does not require tailor-made IT skills to support, “can be up and running in minutes, and offers a single features that integrate media content management and storage so very these teams can spend more time creating and less time looking out for content. ”

The system starts at for less than $40, 000.

“What’s remarkable about the brand new H4000 Essential is that we’ve brought the most important capabilities using two powerful platforms ~ CatDV and StorNext ~ and taken away the complication and time in configuring and managing them separately while setting up production workflows. Currently the H4000 Essential is the top solution to stand up for a better project or a new core – whether working on the storage, collaborating wirelessly from the field, managing rest room projects simultaneously, or most of the above, ” said Dave Clack, vice president and general manager, Cloud Computer software and Analytics, Quantum. “For the first time, these industry-leading produits are in reach of small-scale creative groups everywhere. ”

Any H4000 Essential features

·              StorNext collaborative shared storeroom systems of starting around either 48TB or 96TB of raw storage in a compact 2U server, extensible up to 384TB with buying additional storage

·              An actual highly-available dual-controller architecture

·              An intuitive out of the logement user experience designed for fresh professionals to get up and running swiftly

·              25GbE networking relevance to customer networks

·              Unified StorNext and CatDV history creation with StorNext-powered SMB storage volume sharing

·              StorNext shared storage jobs to trigger file ingesting, metadata extraction, proxy with filmstrip creation without needing ‘file tree polling’

·              Automatic content ingest, metadata extraction, proxy, thumbnail, then filmstrip creation

·              Robotic content cataloging and indexing based on folder structure, intended immediately available to all participants

·              Highly efficient StorNext and CatDV integration to circumvent file system polling that can have an effect on performance

·              Quantum CatDV pre-installed and pre-configured for proper use by up to 10 best known as users, including use of Paving material Premiere Pro CatDV Cell

·              Integration with Share Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) a software program for remote, proactive method monitoring

·              Available archiving and storage plugins for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, or decision concerning S3-compatible storage

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