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This tutorial will get you up and running with Burp Suite Enterprise Edition as quickly as possible. We’ll show you how to download and install the software, and perform your first scan of a site.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is extremely scalable and allows you to spread your installation across multiple machines. For now, we’ll just install everything on a single machine. This is perfect for evaluation purposes and can easily be upgraded for production use later.

We recommend starting out with a machine with at least 2 CPU cores and 8GB of RAM.

Step 1: Download and launch the installer

Go to the release notes for the latest version of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition. Download and launch the installer.

Launching the Burp Suite Enterprise Edition installer

Step 2: Choose a port to use for the web server

In the installation wizard, keep clicking Next to accept the default options until you are prompted to choose a port for the web server. By default, port 8080 is used, but you may need to select a different one if this isn’t available on your machine.

Specifying a port for the web server

Keep clicking Next to accept the default for all remaining options until the installation process begins. Please note that this may take a few minutes. If prompted, allow Java to accept incoming connections.

Step 3: Create an initial admin user

When the installation has finished, you’re prompted to create an initial admin user.

Creating an initial admin user

Enter your email address and a secure password. We recommend leaving the default username administrator.


Keep a note of these credentials. You need them to complete the initial setup and they are not easily recovered if you lose them.

Step 4: Access the login page

Once you complete the installation wizard, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is running on your machine. To access the web interface, visit http://localhost:<your-web-server-port> in your browser. By default, this should be http://localhost:8080.

If everything is working as expected, you will see the Burp Suite Enterprise Edition login page.

Accessing the Burp Suite Enterprise Edition login page

Step 5: Log in as the initial admin user

Log in using the administrator user that you created in the installation wizard. If you’ve forgotten these credentials, you need to create a new admin user via the command line.

Activating your license

The first time you launch Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, you need to activate your license. If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up for a free trial or purchase a full license from our website.

Step 1: Download your license key

  • If you have a trial license, follow the instructions in the email we sent you to download your license key.

  • If you have a full license, go to your account page and download your license key using the link provided.

Step 2: Upload your license key

When prompted, upload your license key as instructed.

Activating your license


To activate your license, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition needs to connect to portswigger.net. If you can only access the public web via a proxy server, click Configure Proxy Settings to enable this connection first.

Step 3: Start the onboarding wizard

Once your license is activated, click Continue to begin the onboarding wizard. This will guide you through the process of running your first scan.

Next step – Run your first scan

In this tutorial

  1. On-premise deployment
  2. Running your first scan
  3. Analyzing your scan results

Source of this news: https://portswigger.net/burp/documentation/enterprise/getting-started/quick-deployment-on-premise

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