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Rainbow Six Siege (RSS) is one of the most popular online tactical shooters in the gaming market. It offers both a first and third-person perspective for the players based on their preferred style which makes it so engaging for the gamers. Each player controls an attacker or defender in different gameplay modes. It’s a game where you learn something new about it after every match but it’s not unusual for you to feel like you’re stuck in the game for weeks without evolving as a player. Although failing is part of any game, this sensation can be quite disheartening for many people who quit the game with a bitter feeling of making no progress. However, with a few rainbow six siege hacks, you can get over this zone quite easily and enjoy the real beauty of this FPS game. Below we’ve listed the most important 5 tips for you to succeed in RSS without
feeling grounded at all.


It’s imperative that you adapt to the players you’re playing against. When starting a match, you can go with your favorite operator, of course, but once you start to learn more about your opponent and their playstyle, it’s important to change your operator picks and play style accordingly. Always have an operator at your disposal that you can use to deal with a specific playstyle. There is a chance that a team uses a similar strategy throughout the match; for instance, snipers usually use the same locations or rushers attack from the same position. Analyzing these patterns will help you and your team to great lengths. Siege has a unique sound propagation that travels by bouncing off the objects and through open spaces. So, if you’re in empty rooms, you can break windows to hear enemy footsteps easily. Also, try avoiding drones from jumping as they make a lot of noise which may compromise your location.


Build a reliable team in Siege. First, find regular teams to learn to communicate fast effectively using call-outs frequently and resorting to voice commands. Communication is the cornerstone of all successful teams. Connect with your team and be mindful of their operator picks while deciding who you’re gonna play as. Try to have a good balance of roamers and anchors on defense and bring at least one operator focused on roam-clearing while attacking. Be sure to split between operators bringing claymores, breaches, charges, and different types of grenades. Utilize the map, pay attention to the compass, and keep sentences short while communicating. Once you have a team where all have the same desire to be the best and compete at the highest level, you need to play together to ensure that target. Be patient and galvanized to achieve the proper team chemistry.


Like most other FPS games, maps are an integral part of RSS. Since the matches take place in multilevel maps with various destructible items, the teams can take advantage of their environment to break through walls, attack enemies from unrealized locations, and fortify checkpoints. Don’t get a tunnel vision on the objective area, instead pay good attention to the rest of the map. Be mindful of the floors above and below you and make sure to hustle back if your teammates need you.


Instead of being too aggressive while defending, you and your team should anticipate and secure the best angles to attack the rushing enemies. Keep track of potential covers, trap placements, and attack angles. Covers not only help in defense, but offending teams can also flank enemies using these. Make sure you don’t stay at the same place for long as enemies can utilize the same trick if you are using cover. Also, keep a drone during the preparation phase at common peek locations and shoot bullets in a couple into barricaded windows and doors to avoid an encounter with enemies. If you’re on the attacking team, place your drones in hidden locations to collect intel and view the path you want to take. Suing extra drones to distract enemies’ attention and attacking them is a great trick too. To do so, locate yourself far from the drone first so that the enemies cannot trace you. Other than your weapon, drones are the most valuable tool at your disposal when going forward. Furthermore, your drones can prove to be very useful tools if you want to check rooms before you enter a building, locate enemy gadget placement, force roamers to rotate away or get easy wall-bang kills on marked enemies. In RSS, each team gets to ban one attacker and a defender before the match as well. If you’re banning first, make sure you have a plan as to who you’re banning, and why. Whichever operator you ban is going to take a certain playstyle away from the opposing team, don’t forget to exploit that weakness. Ban smartly and don’t handicap yourself in the process.


You must stick to your preferred playstyle and allot your utilities to the best of your advantage. At a certain level, gun-skill begins to even out across most players, and in times like that, the playstyle and utilities dictate who’d take the fight home. Besides, you could breach open walls to get sightlines the enemy isn’t going to immediately anticipate, use claymores to watch your back, throw stun grenades into rooms you think are occupied, smoke grenade the area you’re going to plant in, etc. Using the same tactic over and over hardly leads to success as your enemy team will eventually acclimate and combat it. Additionally, take the benefit of vertical play in RSS. This can be the difference between your success and failure at one stage.

RSS is a very competitive game and is played worldwide by the best FPS gamers online regularly. If you can master it following the aforementioned hacks, you can as well consider yourself an elite shooter in the world of warfare.

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