sikka. ai Launches New Is very of Its Award-Winning Sikka API Platform To Optimize Fitness Connectivity – EIN Press information

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The Sikka API Ideal provides a single API available for quickly building secure pc care apps for over 90% of the estomatológico, veterinary, orthodontics, oral surgical treatments, chiropractic and optometry markets. Those apps are contained in the Sikka Marketplace. (Click graphic to see gif animation. )

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sikka. ai’s online business} vision is to optimize a business model of healthcare with connectivity, applications and insights.

This new publish adds near-instantaneous response some advanced query and form of filtration capabilities to its through 2 million calls a day with 99. 945% uptime.

Dental, found, optometry, chiropractors and other medical related offices have never had a eligible API that enables over 20 best-in-class productivity applications…. We can feel inspired to do our personal part. ”

— Founder and TOP DOG Vijay Sikka

SAN JOSE, CA, CARIBIEN, September 21, 2021 hcg diet plan EINPresswire. com / — “ One API to ruling them all , ” the very brand-new Sikka API Place not only provides boundless connectivity, it handles concurrent calls with ease. It enables or even just app-makers to connect to health care related offices within minutes using just a few facial lines of code instead of the or simply of development – plus you get to constant upkeep – which come along with going it alone.

Thinking of harness the power of this industry-leading single API connection to a lot 400 practice management sites and versions, financial and therefore payments softwares and more, well over 50 companies have already become a member the platform, with more following continually. In turn, these apps – as well as sikka. ai’s truly first party ones , have made the Sikka API Platform the choice of more than 40, 000 dental practices, that have a combined 124 million dollars patients.

“Our company mission is to be the platform that transforms global service healthcare, ” said Organizer and CEO Vijay Sikka. “Dental, veterinary, optometry, chiropractors and other healthcare offices haven’t had a single API that allows over 50 best-in-class yields applications. Providers and their employees work so hard, especially in lighter of the additional challenges caused by the pandemic, we definitely feel inspired to do our position. ”

The brand new version of sikka. ai’s two-time API World award-winning platform was built from ground level up on the NGINX open-source, high-performance HTTP server plus reverse proxy for the heightened flexibility and faster response rates that “walled garden” items can’t match. In addition , the actual filtering syntax makes determining the best data easier, using a heavy-duty query set, including:


sikka. ai will permit developers to customize computer to their own unique necessities. By default, few API markets will be returned. If photographers want more fields, that may easily be fetched trying “field” parameters. This aspect of the architecture also betters response time, by defaulting to only showing the necessary crop fields in the API response.

All of this was made possibly only through sikka. ai’s continuous work – then laserlike focus – to build modern architecture-based APIs to rectify the developer experience. Their early access release of this recent version of the Sikka API Platform is available now with regard to manner of partners.

All this functionality is production-ready and supported for use at large scale. There are many more contemporary endpoints and features, the total set of which can be seen here .

So , if you have a recent app for the dental, found, physician or optometry room designs, don’t wait – contact sikka. ak today without charge access to its sandbox testin out environment.

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