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Our client wants a Technical lead , for coordination and observance of technical projects applying server engineer, networking, EUC background.


  • Virtual Server Founding
  • Complete typically forms and log & manage the RITM discover the VM created.
  • This included confirming of the back-ups were setup yet running as well as the VM designed correctly as a CI operating in Snow. Assigned team AF WINTEL SERVICES.
  • VM Software Setup
  • Manage the rassemblement between Sunstone & WINTEL Team to ensure the minimum necessary software are setup and after that installed. IE CypherSuite, IIS,. NetCore,. NetFramwork etc . Allocated Team AF WINTEL Expert services.
  • VM Incorporates & Services
  • Manage the sessions involving Sunstone & WINTEL in order that all the required Features & Excellent services are setup & made it possible for. Assigned Team AF WINTEL Services.
  • SQL Users & Permissions
  • Manage the workout sessions & Change with Sunstone & the Database workforce to 1. Create the required SQL user & 2 . Determine the correct access Rights. Sent to team in SNOW & CAB AF Database Business.
  • Database Deals & Creation
  • Manage the sessions & Change with the Sunstone & Database team to back up & restore the DEV/QA DBs to the Production Instance.
  • Firewall Rule Efforts & Ports
  • Complete the Firewall Check with Form, obtain the approvals with log it with the SOC Firewall team. Mail Assemble Soc
  • Firewall
  • Create everyone DNS
  • Kirim & Justify the Public DNS Creation of your VM Internet protokol Alias & Endpoint.
  • Create the Internal Pseudonym
  • Log & manage the alias & name resolution of the VM Server created on the inside Region.
  • Assigned Circle Active Directory Support perform well
  • Active Free information Services
  • By means of CERT Request
  • Manage the Certificate Completing Request with the Local SOC Team,
  • Stop Proxy Setup
  • Manage the Sessions amidst Firewall to setup the Contrary Proxy on Netscaler.

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logpixeltrackingjobview?id=9e498502 0660 11ec a7b7 02e2f5f25c54 ProxyEgg Specialised Lead at Sabenza UNDERSTAND IT - IT-Online

Coveted Skills:

  • Essential Server Creation
  • VMware
  • VMWare
  • Wintel
  • AF Wintel
  • CI
  • IE Cyphersuite
  • . NetCore
  • IIS
  • SQL You
  • SQL
  • Snow
  • CAB AF
  • Firewall
  • VM Server
  • VM
  • Active Free information

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

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