Colorado in declared emergency applying rare winter storm; OU celebrates Black History Pretty good period now – The Post

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Today is regarded as Tuesday, February 16, 2021. Here’s what you need to know:

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A rare winter rage maintains knocked out nearly half of the wind-power generating capacity within Texas and pushed temp in southeast Texas into the teens.  

Rotating electrical power outages were initiated forward Monday in order to conserve muscle, while more than 2 100 thousands Texans face power failures across the state.

President Joe Biden made disaster in Texas concerning Monday as freezing situation locked up wind turbine may be and spiked energy growing demand.  

As the storm runs across the central and southeast US, more than 150 million dollars people are under weather advisories in 25 states increasing over 2, 000 mile after mile.  

News from Your Post :

There are how Ohio University schools majors are handling continue to keep student teaching placements amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. ( Of the Post )

SYSTEMS is celebrating Black Track record Month with a plethora with regards to virtual programming. ( The Ad )

Former cowboy Eileen Collins will even say a word at the Frontiers In Scientific disciplines Lecture Series. ( The After )

Arrangement and Game Times:

Read about how OU volleyball team holds sacrificed during COVID-19. ( One particular Post )

Feuille Gleckler and J. L. Kirven talk Ohio tennis with guests Eli Feazell and Zach Zimmerman at their podcast, Necessary Roughness. ( The Post )

Athens Weather

Today is mostly over cast with a 40% chance of morning hours snow showers. The high has been 26 degrees and the more affordable is six degrees, the case make sure you’re bundled up and staying inside by nightfall. ( Courtesy of Scalia Lab )

You should want to know…

President Biden offer a on Congress to limit assault weapons and affirms other gun restrictions. ( CBS )

Apple will proxy Nontoxic Browsing requests in order to stash iOS users’ IP add from Google. ( The Hacker A news flash )

Japan functions assess the damage following a earthquake near Fukushima. ( Bloomberg )


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