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theres a slightly fiddly way to re download p t 1460977293178 ProxyEgg May well be a slightly fiddly way to re-download P. T. - Eurogamer. net

Having the dream  alive.

Ah, P. T. Hideo Kojima’s wonderful “playable teaser” was designed to spark a new Still stilly noiseless soundless hushed mute Hill game starring Each Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus into life. But regardless of the fact being a wonderful game inside own right, Konami pulled the problem from the PlayStation Store after superstar custom made Kojima split with the company and moreover Silent Hills was forgotten.

That was of which, we thought. Those with V. T. on their harddrives dared not delete the game, available for fear it would be lost eternally and forever. But , it seems, the i would say the P. T. dream endures.

There is a way to re-download Hideo Kojima’s claustrophobic horror game. Re-download , that is certainly certainly. If you failed to download the game in the first place, you’re out of joy.

The method, brought to light by Wololo. propret , involves setting up your trusty PS4 to use your PC along with some proxy.

Immediately, you need to download and install a program rang SUWI . While you’re affixing SUWI, make sure to leave lots of the options ticked.

Then, download an IP Checker. Write down your IP address and boot up your PS4.

Go to modalities, then network, then method internet connection. Choose custom create and select the correct network.

Then hit semi-automatic for IP address settings.

Do not specify towards DHCP host name.

Automatic for DNS settings.

Adjustable again for MTU spaces

Then crash use for proxy webserver.

Enter your whole IP address and set the harbour number to 808. Of which hit next to complete those setup.

Correct, you can go to your library, insert P. T. and set that it to download. Huzzah! The most important dream lives on!

Eurogamer video chief comes armed with verified this works, then made the handy video assist, below. It’s worth a hunt if you’re interested in re-downloading Delaware. T.

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