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Every successful sneaker buyer uses a variety of tools to get ahead of their peers. If you want to compete with them without the knowledge about what they do, you will be left to do nothing but wonder why you can’t match them regardless of what you do.

One of the key instruments in being successful at sneaker copping is using proxies. A proxy is an intermediary server between the user and the internet. It disguises your IP address in such a way that you can’t be identified any longer.

This tool broadens the scope of your abilities and freedom. The effect is simple: if you can’t be traced, you can’t be blocked or restricted. You can do whatever you want without having to deal with any unwelcome consequences.

How do sneaker proxies work?

A sneaker proxy intercepts your requests sent to websites and forwards them for you, and then returns the response. It happens in nearly an instant, so you won’t lose much time, but will gain complete anonymity.

It works even better than a sniper rifle because the latter can’t change its bullet in the air. A proxy changes your ‘bullet’ in the air. You will hit your target as if you are shooting ordinarily, but your bullet has been changed in the air, so no one can trace it back to you or the type of device you are using.

In short, you get the sneakers you are targeting fast without being identified. As if you would shoot from multiple locations without actually being in either one.

How exactly does that help when you are buying sneakers?

Breaking the limit for the number of purchases

If you have tried to land a few pairs of sneakers from a limited edition, probably you have faced an issue that nobody allows you to have more than one pair. Many stores apply this restriction to their customers because there are too many buyers. However, lots of sneakerheads get more than allowed.

When a proxy server hides your IP address and covers it with other IP addresses, each request to the website of the sneaker store comes from a different IP address. This way, your request looks as if it has come from a different customer. If your different purchases seem like attempts to buy by different customers, no limit can be set for you.

On the other hand, if you use multiple accounts without proxies, they all expose your IP address which leads back to you. For this reason, not only will you not break the limit, but you will get another one – you may be blacklisted for violating the store’s Terms of Service.

Enabling the usage of bots

Many sneakerheads are using bots. That’s the main reason why you have no chance to compete with them for that desired pair of shoes.

Bots are used for giving you unmatched speed in automation of tasks that otherwise you would do manually. They refresh the page and get your purchase set for you instantly before anyone notices that there has appeared one more pair to buy.

However, bots are of no use if you have them without proxies. They give you speed for a short period, but sooner than later, their fast traffic is noticed, and they get blocked.

Moreover, your bots have your IP address the same way your kids or parents have your DNA. It’s impossible to avoid being linked with them when your IP is exposed and is the same for you as for your bots.

Using proxies lets you dissociate your bots from you because each of them can work with a different IP address that has no linkage to you or among different bots. If these IP addresses rotate for the bot, it can’t be identified as a bot in the first place. And even if it does, it doesn’t leave any scents that could lead back to you or your other bots.

In sum, a sneaker bot is an unavoidable tool for a successful sneaker copping, but it can serve its purpose and maintain its efficiency only if its usage is combined with the use of proxies.

Accessing geo-restricted sales

Many stores have different prices or even different merchandise for different countries. For instance, if you are connecting to the website from, say, Argentina, you have no access to some merchandise or see them with a different price than customers in Australia.

With proxies, you can even score between yourself and customers from other countries.  When you are using a different IP address, it indicates a different location. If a proxy server can provide you an IP address from Australia, you can access all the content with certain merchandise and prices that are accessible only for Australian customers.

Avoiding reCAPTCHA requests

Last but not least, sneaker proxies help you avoid those intrusive checkups where you have to confirm that you are not a robot. Such requests cost you a significant loss of time which might result in losing your purchase altogether.

If you are using bots, they can get stuck in those checkups, for most of the time, they can’t bypass it since those requests are sent to stop automated activity in the first place.

When proxies are used, both you and your bots can avoid this problem. Neither you nor your bots can raise too many suspicions when you are constantly operating on different IP addresses and leaving no trace of your activity over longer periods.

Different IPs seem like different customers, and if there is no bigger combination of suspicious activities under the same IP address, there is no reason to send a reCAPTCHA checkup anywhere.


Sneaker proxy is an irreplaceable instrument that lets you cop sneakers without restrictions, interruptions, or blocks for using bots, buying multiple sneakers that are limited to one purchase per customer, or outrunning your peers by using any additional tools. Without them, you can’t compete with other customers that have made the use of it an integral part of their sneaker copping.

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