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Proxies are widely used in today’s business matters that are carried out online. The main question to ask is not why that is the case but rather why you are not using them yet. Because if you do, you already know the answer to the first question.

After figuring out what proxies are used for, the next thing to know is what type of proxy must be employed for the best outcome. That depends on the nature of your work.

Let’s see all of this in succession to determine whether the reasons to use residential proxies are the ones that you also have.

Unprotected IP address

Unprotected IP address ProxyEgg Why Should You Use Residential Proxies? - TheNationRoar
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Knowing the origin of your troubles is the first step in avoiding them. Many cybersecurity flaws come from exposing your IP address. It contains a lot of information that can be used to track your activity and identify any suspicious abnormalities in it that can end up in receiving a block.

The block itself is applied to you by blocking the very IP address that is used to identify whether you meet the criteria for restricting your access.

If you are scraping the web extensively or using any kind of automation software that is not authorized by the sites on which you use it, you will eventually be blocked. Not to mention, you can be blocked without doing any of these things if you just happen to be in a location where certain geo-restrictions are applied.

All of that is done by blocking your IP address. It can lead to a significant loss of time and valuable resources that can be detrimental to your business.

Proxies with new IP addresses

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A proxy is an intermediary server that works instead of your regular Internet Service Provider (ISP). The latter provides you with the internet by also giving you:

  • An IP address that is used to connect to the internet,
  • The network through which you access the internet.

Hence, a proxy gives you a new IP address and a new network to connect to that will make your browsing anonymous. Or to be exact, a proxy gives you a bunch of new IP addresses that can be used one after another by rotating them.

Different IPs disperse your actions on the internet so that they couldn’t be tracked under the same IP address. It means less unwanted attention because your actions can’t be combined and seen as too extensive or abnormal in any other sense.

Your surveillance can be minimalized to the extent that you will not be at risk of getting blocked. Moreover, even if one of these IP addresses that you use via proxy would be blocked, it couldn’t affect you since you would be using many different IPs. Each of them is easily replaceable by another.

Any regional limitations wouldn’t affect you either. If you have an IP address that contains information about the different place from which the IP is supposedly used, your real location will become irrelevant, and you will be able to access all the geo-restricted content, merchandise, prices, etc.

What’s so residential about proxies?

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If proxies are intermediary servers, how can they be residential? Well, they are not, for they are owned by a particular company. But the IP addresses that they provide are residential.

The peculiarity of so-called residential proxies stems from the fact that they use IP addresses that are assigned by different ISPs to real devices that are in different residential areas. In other words, when you use a residential proxy, you mask your IP address by using IPs from different devices in different households.

The main idea of a proxy is to make you seem like a different internet user or a multitude of them. Residential proxies carry out this task by making you work through different accesses to the internet that separate users use. That results in the highest possible level of legitimacy that masks your original identifiable data.

Residential proxies have an enormous pool of different IP addresses and can cover the majority of geo-locations because you can use an IP address from a different device almost across the whole world. As you can see by checking at Metrow’s site here: https://metrow.com/residential-proxies/.

Where do residential proxies bring the most use?

residential proxies 2 ProxyEgg Why Should You Use Residential Proxies? - TheNationRoar
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Avoiding geo-restrictions and any kind of IP-based blocks can be useful in any major activity online. If you are doing anything that has a higher risk of having to deal with such matters, you will most surely want to avoid them.

Scraping, snooping your competitors, reaching more geo-restricted sales or any other content that is accessible only for customers of a certain country or region, and managing multiple accounts on any social media are the primary activities that can get you in trouble. If you don’t use proxies such use cases can lead to having your free access to a particular site blocked.

Many of these fields of business involve using automation software for faster and more efficient work. That will attract various restrictions too.

Using bots without proxies is inadvisable. They are easily detected and blocked altogether by their user when no additional safety tools are used.

Residential proxies with their enormous numbers of IPs and the highest level of legitimacy allow your bots to operate almost completely freely. Their different actions will be done under different IP addresses. Therefore, they will seem like different internet users and will have no link to each other or you.

proxies ProxyEgg Why Should You Use Residential Proxies? - TheNationRoar
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Final thoughts

To finally answer the main question, namely, why should you use residential proxies, you need to see whether you are using bots or engaging in any activity online on a larger scale. If yes, you need to mask your identity to remain on top of your work without having to succumb to your competitors by being constantly interrupted with blocks, restrictions, and warnings for exceeding the limits that are set for a regular internet user.

If you want your business to succeed more than a regular internet user, you must not be regular while seeming like you are. Residential proxies complete this mission to perfection.

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