Solely yoga workout VPN – Protect Security alarm by LANPIPER PTE. LTD. – AppAdvice

ProxyEgg Solely yoga workout VPN - Protect Security alarm by LANPIPER PTE. LTD. - AppAdvice

Yoga VPN is the best reliability VPN proxy. It provides secure privacy, security agent, Wi-fi compatability hotspot shield, hight increase and stable.
It’s easy to use, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited time, one-touch connection.
it is the best VPN with regards to school and office wireless fidelity.
Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile critical information carriers.
Support iOS 9. 0 or down the track.


Don’t have to have a phone number, don’t need a fantastic e-mail, don’t need to register.
Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited times, please enjoy.


Yoga VPN will never record your online practices and will never upload very own privacy information!

Yoga VPN can protecting your network traffic underneath the WiFi hotspot anonymous obtaining, without tracking.

Yoga VPN successfully gained the “DNS Leak” consider, which can effectively prevent DNS leak, hide your effects IP.

Mysterious browsing, truly privacy shield.


Yoga VPN proxy storage space has covered more than 20 different regions of the world, the amount of more than 500 proxy hosting servers.

Our top speed VPN proxy cloud machines are located in India, Queensland, Bulgaria, Netherlands, USA, Tosu, japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Another nest, UK, etc ..

– vpn for The country
– vpn just for Germany
– vpn for India
1st vpn for Singapore
– vpn for Canada
– vpn with Russia
– vpn for Japan


Easy to use, one-touch to connect on VPN proxy server.

** Yoga VPN’s unique features (our strengths) **

• No registration required, zero login or password obligatory.
• Easy to use, one-touch connection.
• Efficient, will connect to the highest and most recent VPN unblock proxy server.
• Incognito no log, no DNS leak, protect privacy.


Email: [email protected] Contact us If you have any response or suggestions.
Facebook game: Follow us and discuss further.

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