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You’ll be surprised to know the advantages a proxy can bring to your business.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read Unblocking Netflix from another country? There are other use cases to proxies that are often overshadowed like using it for business purposes. Proxies have been shaping businesses across industries for the past few years. In the business domain, proxies have many purposes, ranging from securing personal data from public WiFis to safeguarding intellectual business data.

We are living in the fourth industrial revolution where every internet user creates pools of data on a daily basis, residentially or commercially. Managing a data-driven business in this digital world relied heavily on big data analytics to generate valuable insights. According to a recent study by insideBIGDATA, the majority of business owners agree that their investment in big data analytics was a success. Since proxies can be used to build a data-driven business, here’s how they can help businessmen achieve their goals.

What Are Proxies?

Proxy servers are more than tools to bypass restrictions and unblocking content from other countries. For a well-organized business, proxies can be a fantastic data-collecting tool. These proxies can be used for obtaining the most accurate insights to improve customer service, decision-making, competitor analysis, amongst many other things.

Traditionally, proxies act like the middleman between an IP address and the internet. It bridges the gap between a private IP address with another server on the web. Without making one’s private IP address public, a proxy server has its own IP address that protects the person’s identity in the process. Because of this nature, proxies can perform a lot of actions that can be important for a business and the overall customer experience.

How Can Your Business Use Proxies?

If you’re a data-driven business, proxies can help your business reach different goals. Proxies can:

• Enhance institutional and corporate security: Obviously, you wouldn’t want your business to be vulnerable to data breaches and cyber-attacks. For that, proxies can help your security processes by protecting your incoming and outgoing data.

• Maintain anonymity when performing data-sensitive tasks: One of the main functions of a proxy is to anonymize your web traffic which will give you higher levels of privacy.

• Develop a crash-proof server: An e-commerce business cannot afford website crashes and downtimes as it can drive customers away. Proxies can ensure that your server doesn’t crash by balancing the website traffic perfectly. You can use a proxy server to create a single web address and make sure all the pages load faster.

• Obtain full control over employee internet usage: You can block your employees from using inappropriate websites and insecure web pages from the company’s network by putting a limitation against their internet usage.

• Achieve faster internet speed: Proxies work well at speeding up your internet connection by saving bandwidth. They automatically cache web pages and files and compress traffic to allow faster internet access.

How Do Proxies Leverage Data?

Another quality that a proxy has is web scraping. Proxies can help users scrape thousands of websites to collect pools of data without alarming any security mechanisms. With this technique, modern businesses stay ahead of their competition by keeping an eye on the latest trends and gathering customer data. Web scraping can:

• Gather data for competitive analysis

• Improve conversion and lead generation rates

• Exceed their reach beyond the local marketplace

• Improve SEO tracking and search engine rankings

• Block spamming

Proxies provide data-driven businesses with multiple opportunities to grow and leverage the technology. But businesses will only benefit if realistic goals are set and the data gathered from various sources is put to good use with the best strategies. It is also extremely important to choose a trustworthy proxy provider.

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